Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sri Lanka Recorded A Slight Improvement In Their Corruption Level

According to the latest Annual Corruption Perception Index released today Sri Lanka records a slight improvement in their score by 0.1 percent to reach 3.2 percent and placed 91 st place out of the 178 countries.Last year Sri Lanka was placed in the 97th place out of 180 countries.

People Suffering From Diabetes And High Blood Preassure Are In Increase

Non Infectious Diseases Unit of the Health Ministry has said that there was a rapid increase in people suffering from Diabetes and High Blood Pressure in Sri Lanka during last 20 to 30 years.According to the Unit 10.2 percent of the total population in the country are having Diabetes and 20 to 25 percent are having High Blood Pressure.

Smoking,Liquor,Bad Food Habits,Lack of exercise and Mental Stress are known as the main causes for getting these Diseases.As these Diseases are not having age limit people are advised to eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits as well as to check their Pressure,Diabetes and Cholesterol Levels regularly to avoid of having these Diseases..

All The Check Points In The Country To Be Removed From To Day

Government has decided to remove all the check points situated throughout the country with effect from today.According to Military Spokesman Ubaya Madawala an alternative surveillance system will be replaced the check points to ensure the security in the cities.

As a begining check points in Bambalapitiya and wellawatta have been removed today and other check points are scheduled to be remove gradually.

LTTE Member Sentenced To 30 Years Of Rigorous Imprisonment For Planning To Asassinate Former President

Colombo High Court today sentenced 30 years of rigourous imprisonment for a  LTTE member who was charged for trying to asassinate former Sri Lankan President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumarathunge through a  Suicide Bomb Attack in 1999.The accused is the second accused person as the first accused who was a female bomber died in the attack which killed 28 people and injured another 80 at Town Hall in Colombo .

Attorney General filed the case against the accused for 28 charges and the accused accepted his responsibility for all charges levelled against him.

Florida Sets New State Daily Record On Corona Infections