Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dengue Is in Increase

Around 7999 Dengue Patients were reported throughout the Island from the months of January and February this year and out of these patients 46 were died The Epidemiology Unit said today.

Majority of the Dengue Patients were reported during the Month of January.Meanwhile even the Dengue is in increase the Ministry Of Health has still delaying the importing of BTI Bacteria from Cuba to Destroy Dengue Larvae.

Malini Fonseka Secured A Spot Among 25 Greatest Asian Actors

CNN today named Famous and Veteran Sri Lankan Actress Malini Fonseka as one of the 25 Greatest Actors in Asia.Malini Who is known as the Queen of the Sinhalese Cinema won several local and international awards for her roles portrayed in the Films.

President Rajapaksha To Take Oaths For The Second Terrm In November

Pressident Mahinda Rajapaksha to take oaths for the second term in office on 18th of November this year according to the Professor G.L Pieris.President Rajapaksha was elected for the Second Term on the Presidential Elections held in 26th of January this year.