Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Joint Trade Union Council Of 16 Health Trade Unions To Continue Their Strike Despite The Court Order

Although there are reports that the Colombo District Court has issued a restraining order to prevent   their strike action  the two day strike action launched by  Joint Council Of Nurses,Professions Supplementary To Medicine and Para Medical Officers which is going on at present will continue as usual according to joint convener of the Council Saman Jayasekera.

"The Restraining Order issued by District Court Still not received by
us . therefor the strike action will continue tomorrow as well "he has stressed.

Due to the two day island wide strike launched by Joint Council this morning the issuing of drugs and injections through the out door patients departments(OPD) of Government Hospitals,Laboratory Tests,Radiography Tests  and Physiotherapy Treatment have stopped  which left tens of thousands of patients in difficult situation.however majority of Nurses are reported as avoid participating the strike action.

Colombo District Court Has Issued Restraining Order To 16 Health Trade Unions Preventing Strike Action

The Colombo District Court has this evening issued a restraining order to the 16 trade union  Joint Council Of Nurses,PSM's and Para Medical Officers by preventing them from  launching a strike action until 11th of December.Colombo District Court  Judge Pradeep Hettiaarachchi has issued this restraining order to the Joint Council according to a petition filed by a Patient name Palitha Herath against the strike action launched in government hospitals by  Joint Council.

The 16 trade union alliance has launched a two day island wide strike in government hospitals and health institutions this morning by demanding solutions for 6 of their service demands.

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