Monday, August 21, 2017


New Inland Revanue Bill To Be Tabled This Friday

The new inland revanue bill is due to be tabled thisfriday (24) according to the Minister of finance
Mangala Samaraweera.

Under the bill taxes will not be imposed on persons whose annual income is less than Rs.12,000,000 the Minister has stated.

Religious Observances Of Ruhunu Kataragama Devalaya Delayed Due To A Dispute

Religious observances of the Ruhunu Kataragama
 maha devalaya has been delayed this morning as a group of persons who entered the devalaya run away after locking it.

 Around thirty persons had entered the devalaya locked it and  taken the keys with them after a dispute occurred between kapu mahattaya's who performs morning religious observances of the Devalaya this morning regarding the religious observances it has been reported.

Due to this situation around 500 devotees are being strandad in front of Devalaya according to the reports.

Heavy Traffic Reported From Colombo Fort Due To A Protest March

A heavy traffic congestion had been reported from
Colombo fort area last evening (21)due to a protest march launched by polythene manufacturers against banning the use of polythene from 01st of september this year.

The protest march had launched from gunasinghepura bus halt in colombo and due to the march the entry road to galle face road was closed down by police from lotus roundabout.

Southern Provincial Council Nurses To Strike Tomorrow (22)

All the Nurses attached to provincial council hospitals
in Southern Province are due to launch a one day token strike tomorrow (22)demanding solutions for two of their service demands.

Accordingly around 2000 nurses attached to Southern provincial council hospitals are due to launch the strikr from 7 a.m tomorrow until 7 a.m on Wednesday by demanding to pay delayed overtime payments of nurses and givimg their service promotions the Government Nursing Officers Association.

Anti SAITM Activists Launched A Continuous Fast

A group of anti SAITM activists have launched a
continuous fast in front of colombo fort railway station today (21) demanding to abolish SAITM known as Malabe ,private medical collage.

Activists belonging to Inter university students federation and Anti SAITM Public wall are being participated the protest campaign.


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