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Bond Commission Ordered The Main Suspect Of Central Bank Bond Scam To Hand Over Electronic Equipment Used By Him To The Commission

The bond commission which is inquiring the Bond
scam in Central Bank has today (24)ordered the main suspect of the scam the director of the Perpetual Treasuries Arjun Aloysias to hand over the all electronic equipment including mobile phones,laptops and tablet computers used by him to the investigation officers of the commission.

Arjun Aloysias who is the son in law of former central bank governor Arjun Mahendren should be handed over all electronic equipment used by him during 2015-2016 period which are relevant for the inquiry the Commission has stated.



Health Minister Has Ordered To Implement All Nurses Transfers Before 01st Of August

Health Minister  Dr.Rajitha Senaratne has today
(24)instructed the Nursing Director to release all the Government Hospital nurses who are in transfer orders at Government hospitals  to the new stations before 01st of August this year.

Those nurses may loose their jobs if they do not corporate the authorities to implement transfer orders and action will be taken against the Government Hospital directors who did not implement Nurses transfers as scheduled before 01st of August   Health Minister has stated.

Provincial Council Hospitals are currently experienced a severe Nurses shortage due to the non implementaio n of the Nurses transfers it has been revealed.

A Proposal To Build An Airport In Colombo Harbour

A proposal has been submitted to the government to
build an Airport inside   the Colombo Harbour according to the Minister of Megapolis and Western Development Patali Champika Ranawake.

After building the proposed Airport, people will be able to go abroad through it without travelling to Katunayake ,Bandaranaike International Airport the Minister has stated during a function held in Town Hall.

Petroleum Workers Due To Launch An Island Wide Continuous Strike From Tonight

Petroleum workers are due to launch an island wide
continuous strike with effect from midnight tonight (24)demanding solutions for eight of their service demands according to the Petroleum Trade Unions Collective.

Long queues have been seen in fuel stations island wide since this evening soon after the announcement of the strike to collect fuel  including kerosene oil it has been reported.Some fuel stations have stated they do not have enough stock of fuel due to the heavy demand.

Heavy traffic was also reported from several streets in colombo today as a result of the queues near fuel stations.


Around 15 Passangers Have Been Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Head Collision Between Two Buses

Around 15 passengers have been injured and hospitalized due to a head on collision between two buses in Kihimbikanda area on Vanduramba-Galle main road this morning(24).

The injured were admitted to the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital for treatment.The condition of the injured is not critical it has been revealed.

The collision occurred between a private bus transported garment factory workers and a private bus traveling from  Galle to Mapalagama  area. 



A Group Of Medical/University Students Launched A Protest Campaign In Town Hall

A Group of Medical /University students are currently involved in a Protest campaign at the Lipton Circus against the water cannon attack of Police towards the group of students involved in Satyagraha Campaign in the Lipton circus yesterday(23) .

Accordingly students attached to the Medical Faculty Students Action Committee and Inter University Students Federation are participating the protest according to the sources.The security is tightened in Town Hall and Ward Place due to this according to the Police.

A 33 Year Old Person Has Drowned While Swimming In A Pool

A 33 year old person has drowned and died while swimming in a swimming pool at a Holiday Resort in Theldeniya it has been reported.

The deceased who was a resident of Hewahata area went to the swimming fool while attending a get together in the Holiday Resort it has been revealed.

Theldeniya Police are conducting an investigation on the incident.

All Attorneys Have Withdrawn From Judicial Activities In North Today(24)


Around 22 Passangers Have Been Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Road Accident

Around 22 passengers have been injured and hospitalized after a Private Bus veering off the road on Mahiyanganaya-Kandy road this morning(24) it has been reported.

The injured two of them seriously were admitted to the Mahiyanganya Hospital for treatment.

The passengers  were on the way to Dehiaththakandiya after attending a religious event in Colombo when they met with the accident.

Accident was occurred due to a fault of the breaks in the Bus according to the Police.