Sunday, July 30, 2017


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A 58 Year Old Person Was Killed After Colliding With A Train

A 58 year old person was killed after colliding with a
Train travelling from Jaffna to Colombo Fort at a Railway  crossing in Chavakachcheriya area yesterday (29).

The deceased was a resident of Ilavali area it has been revealed.

A Person Was Arrested With A Stock Of Kerala Cannabis

Police have arrested a person with two Kilo Grammes
and Two Hundrad fifty Grammes of Kerala Cannabis inside a Motor Car near Shanthi Vihar in Kesbawa area.

The stock of Kerala Cannabis hidden in the backside of the Car according to the Police.As per the information received from the 41 year old suspect, Police have recovered Thirteen Kilo Grammes and Five hundrad grammes of Kerala Cannabis inside his house in Kahathuduwa area.

A Couple Was Killed Due To A Motor Cycle-Van Collision

A couple travelling in a Motorcycle was killed after
thevMotorcycle colliding with a Van veered off the road in Kosgaha Junction on Pannala-Giriulla main road this morning (30).

The deceased had been identified as residents of Makandura,Gonavila area.

The collision was occurred as a result of a Van driver lost the control of the Vehicle it has been revealed.

A Five Day Anti SAITM Protest March Due To Be Held From Peradeniya To Colombo

A five day Anti SAITM Students Protest march is due to
be held from Peradeniya to Colombo starting from tomorrow (31) at University Of Peradeniya according to the Inter University Students Federation.

The Protest March scheduled to be reached Colombo within five days.

Meanwhile University and Medical students have conducted a series of Anti SAITM protest campaigns in different parts of the country today (30) as well.


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