Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sri Lankan Group Of Pilgrims Was Attacked In Tamil Nadu-Nine Attackers Got Arrested

Seven buses carrying  pilgrims compromising 180 Sri Lankan nationals  to Trichy Air Port in Tamil Nadu State were  attacked this evening  by an activists belongs to a group called  Naam Tamizhar Iyakkam with pro-LTTE leanings.This is the second time that this group of pilgrims was attacked as the buses they traveled to Velankanni Christian Shrine near nagapattinam were blocked by   the same group yesterday (03).

Due to the harassment faced Sri Lankan pilgrims compromising 75 women and 36 children  were immediately taken to the Trichy Air Port by Sri Lankan embassy in Chennai today to send them back to Sri Lanka.However the said group stoned and attacked the seven buses and due to this Some Sri Lankans have received minor injuries according to reports.several buses got damaged during the incident and police arrested nine of the activists who attacked buses according to  Indian Media Reports.

Meanwhile Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry here has confirmed that no one in pilgrims hurt due to the said attack and they will arrive home safely.Ministry had earlier requested Sri Lankans who are visiting Tamil Nadu to be in alert over their safety as the chief minister of Tamil Nadu Jayalalitha Jayram as well as some racist groups in the state made some anti Sri Lankan statements during last few days.Jayalalitha has yesterday requested state officials to send two Sri Lankan school soccer teams visiting Tamil Nadu back to Sri Lanka.


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