Thursday, October 20, 2016


Floating Armory Case- Colombo Chief Magistrate Granted Permission To Avant Guarde President To Leave Abroad For A One Year Period

The Colombo Chief Magistrate Gihan Pilapitiya has today (20) granted permission to the President of the Avant Guarde Maritime Services Private Limited Retired Major Nissanka Senadhipathi who is charged for running a controversial  floating armory based in Galle Harbour to get medical treatment from Singapore and Germany for a one year period.

The Colombo Chief Magistrate has granted permission to retired Major Senadhipathi to go abroad for medical treatment amidst stiff opposition from Presidential Commission   Investigating on Bribery And Corruption .

The Magistrate has also ordered to release the Passport of Senadhipathi which had been withheld recently by the court on three additional personal bails of Rs.5 million it has been reported.

The Presidential Commission Investigating Bribery and Corruption had filed the case against Nissanka Senadhipathi at the Court over misuse of millions of rupees.

Government Hospitals Are Experiencing A Severe Shortage Of Anaesthesiologists And Intensivists

Government Hospitals are currently experiencing a severe  shortage of Anaesthesiologists and Intensivists (Specialist Doctors attached to Intensive Care Units) and as a result surgeries are performed  in hospitals with  great difficulty according to the President of The Collage Of   Anaesthesiologists And Intensivists Dr.Krishantha Indraratne .

The total number of Anaesthesiologists and Intensivists needed for Government Hospitals is around  300 but at present less than half of that number around 130 are available in Government Hospitals  he has stressed.

Due to the shortage of Anaesthesiologists and Intensivists around 410 doctors from various grades  providing Anaesthesia during surgeries at present which is an unsatisfactory situation the president of the Collage Of Anaesthesiologists and Intensivists of Sri Lanka has revealed during a press briefing held in Colombo today (20).


Appropriation Bill For The Year 2017 Presented To The Parliament

Finanace Minister Ravi Karunanayake has presented the Appropriation Bill stating allocations to be made for every ministry for the year 2017 to Parliament today(20) .

 According to the Appropriation Bill the total expenditure of the government for the year 2017 will be Rs.1819.5 billion and it's a Rs.21.9 billion  reduction when compared to this year's expenditure Rs.1941.9 billion.

The budget allocated for expenses of President Maithripala Sirisena has been increased by Rs.6.45 billion for the next year and the budget allocated for  expenses of Prime Minister for the next year is Rs.1.25 billion it has been stated.

The Defense Expenditure allocated through the Appropriation Bill for next year is increased by more than  Rs.306 billion and expenditure allocated for Education is decreased by more than half when compared to this year (Rs.185.9 billion this year and Rs.76.9 billion next year)

Colombo Fort Magistrate Has Issued A Warrent To Arrest Former Sri Lankan Ambassador To Russia Udayanga Kulathunge Through Interpol

Colombo Fort Magistrate Lanka Jayaratne has today (20)issued a warrent  to arrest the former Sri Lankan Ambassador to Russia Udayanga Weerathunge through the International Police (Interpol) as per the request made by Police Financial Crimes Investigation Division (FCID).

The FCID Officials had requested the Colombo Fort Magistrate to issue a red notice warrent to arrest former Sri Lankan Ambassador to Russia Udayanga  Werathunge over his involvement in the controversial Mig Air Craft Purchase Deal in 2006.

However the Colombo Fort Magistrate has refused to issue a warrent to arrest Weerathunge  on a previous occasion when the FCID requested to issue a warrent against him by stating the former Sri Lankan Ambassador to Russia was not a suspect of the alleged deal.

This time the Magistrate has issued a warrent after the FCID had produced a document to the court by naming Udayange Weerath as a suspect of the deal.

Legal Draughtsman's Department Has Approved The Gazette Notification On Price Reduction Of Drugs-Ministry Of Health

The Legal Draughtsman's Department has approved the Gazette Notification on price reduction of 48 essential drugs scheduled to be released tomorrow (21) and sent it to the Independant Drug Regulatory Authority today (20) according to the Ministry Of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine.

The Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne is due to be signed and released the  special Gazette Notification on price reduction of 48 essential drugs tomorrow.

Meanwhile the representatives of National Chamber of Drugs had met Health Minister at the Health Ministry yesterday (19) and express their fullest support for the Health Ministry's programme on reducing Drug Prices .


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More Than 20 Houses Were Destroyed At Welikanda Due To Strong Winds

Image result for strong windsMore than 20 houses belonging to Welikanda Divisional Secretariat in Polonnaruwa District were partially or fully destroyed due to a strong winds occurred in the area during yesterday(19) it has been reported.

Several villages in the Welikanda Divisional Secretariat including Aselapura,Mahindagama and Ruwanpitiya were affected due to the strong winds according to reports.Many areas  in Welikanda have experienced power cuts  due to the trees fallen on the electricity posts .

An Army Officer Was Killed At Valaichchenai Area Due To A Wild Elephant Attack

Image result for wild elephant in sri lankaAn Army Officer attached to a Eastern Province Army Camp was killed due to a wild elephant attack at Valaichchenai Area(In Eastern Province) it has been reported.

The Army Officer who was critically injured due to the wild elephant attack succumbed to his injuries after admission to the Welikanda Hospital.

Valaichchenai Police are conducting an investigation on the incident.

Colombo District Court Has Extended The Interim Injunction Issued Against "Usaviya Nihandai"Film Until Tomorrow(21)

Image result for court orderThe Colombo District Court has today(20) extended the interim injunction  issued against the short Documentary Film "Usaviya Nihandai"(Silence in the Courts)made by award winning film maker Prasanna Withanage until tomorrow(21).The Court has extended the injunction yesterday(19) until today.

The court is due to decide tomorrow whether to extend or withdraw the injunction it has been reported.

The former Magistrate Lenin Rathnayake has filed a case against the 57 minute short Documentary Film by claiming that the film was made based on a false news report stating he had sexually abused a female .

On 05th of October   after considering the  facts presented through the petition the Colombo District Court  has issued an interim injunction against screening the film  which scheduled to be released to the theaters  06th of October ,until  yesterday(19) .

Former Director General Of Bribery Commission Has Resumed Duties As An Additional Solicitor General

Image result for dilrukshi dias wickramasingheThe former Director General of Bribery Commission Dilrukshi Dias Wikramasinghe who had resigned from her post last Monday(17) has assumed her duties in her previous post Additional Solicitor General at Attorney General's Department today(20).

President Maithripala Sirisena had yesterday(19) accepted the resignation letter sent by her.

Dilrukshi Dias Wikramasinghe was appointed as Director General Of Bribery Commission on 12th of February 2015 by the President.


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  • Because research studies have provided some mixed results about the impact of soy consumption on our cardiovascular system, researchers in the College of Medicine at the University of Kentucky recently analyzed results from 43 previously published studies involving on soy protein and risk of coronary heart disease (CHD). What they found was an overall decreased risk of CHD when approximately 30 grams of soy protein was consumed on a daily basis. Decreased LDL cholesterol was found to be an important part of this lowered risk. While we think it makes the most sense to consume soybeans in their whole food form (versus soy protein alone), and that daily protein intake should come from a variety of different foods, the findings in this study lend support to the conclusion that soy can play a beneficial role in support of cardiovascular health. 
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All Island Curfew Schedule To Be Changed From Tomorrow(06)

Government has amended  the current curfew schedule implemented in the country daily from tomorrow (06)according to the President's ...