Monday, May 17, 2010

Heavy Showers Affected Power Supply

Kelanithissa Power Plant authorities has announced this noon that the power supply to the areas in Kelaniya and Northern Colombo will curtailed if the heavy rain prevails  continues in their stations.Already two of their power sub statons were under water according to the officials.

As a result the power supply to the areas of colombo-13,colombo 14 and 15 are already curtailed.

First Victory Celebrations Postponed Due To Bad Weather

The First Anniversary Victory celebrations to mark the military defeat of the LTTE which is scheduled to be held this thursday at Galle Face in colombo is postponed due to the bad weather conditions prevails in the country at present the director general of the media centre for national security lakshman hulugalle  has announced today.

Sri Lankan army has defeated the LTTE Terrorist Organization which fought a bloody battle for nearly three decades to gain a seperate state in northern sri lanka on 18th of May last year .

Ninteen Districts Were Flooded Due To Heavy Showers-125,000 Were Displaced

Large number of roads,highways and houses in Ninteen Districts of the Country were flooded and around 125,000 residents were  displaced today due to the heavy showers prevails  throughout the country since last night.The Roads in Balummahara,and Mirissa Junctions in Kandy the hill capital of Sri Lanka were also closed due to the Floods today.

Colombo,Gampaha and Kalutara Districts are the worst affected areas and  four deaths related to floods are reported up to now according to the government officials.Meanwhile President Mahinda Rajapaksha who was in Iran to attend G-15 Meating has advised the Government officials to provide an emergancy relief to the flood victims with immediate effect.The Met Department has announced today that the Heavy showers prevails in the country will continue further due to the preasure growing  in the bay of bengal at present.

Heavy showers caused flooding in roads and houses


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