Wednesday, June 27, 2012

14,000 Graded Medical Officers To Deprive Their Communication Allowance From This July

The Government has decided to stop paying the monthly communication allowance to 14,000 graded medical officers which has paid to all government  medical officers including them with effect from next month (July) citing that they are not entitled for this allowance it has been revealed.The communication allowance which has paid monthly to all medical officers ranging up to Rs.6000 since last year is now said to be entitled only to executive graded medical officers  according to Ministry Of Finance .

As per a letter sent to Ministry Of Health by the Treasury dated 14-06-2012 has stated to stop paying above communication allowance to all graded medical officers who are now excluded from executive grade.However 16,200 Medical Officers including these graded medical officers attached to government hospitals island wide were paid this allowance since last May by allocating a large sum of money annually .

Out of 16.200 Medical Officers in the country around 14,000 are graded medical officers and the rest compromised with 1000 Grade 1 medical officers,1000 medical specialists and 200 medical administrators .Before issuing 2006/2007 Salary Circular all these medical officers belongs to executive grade but after implementing the above circular only grade 1 medical officers,medical specialists and medical administrators are belongs to executive grade and other mo's are excluded from that category. The Ministry Of Health had mistakenly categorized  those graded medical officers as executive grade medical officers even after implementing 2006/2007 salary circular treasury has said.Due to this situation graded medical officers too were paid communication allowance from may last year up to this month it has been stated.

Therefor Treasury has instructed Health Ministry Secretary Dr.Ravindra Ruberu to issue a new circular stating only executive grade medical officers will entitled for monthly communication allowance paid to cover their telephone bills.

Meanwhile after revealing this new decision to cutting off  communication allowance of graded medical officers those medical officers are said to be unhappy over this decision and now holding meetings in hospital basis to decide their future action over this issue.

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