Sunday, August 31, 2014

Government Hospital PSM'S Have Suspended Their Continuous Strike

The Professions Supplementary To Medicine(PSM'S) who were on an Island Wide continuous strike at Government Hospitals since last Tuesday(26) had temporarily suspended their trade union action around 8 a.m this morning after the deputy Health Minister Lalith Dissanayke had promised them to meat their demands by 04th of September.

According to the Joint Council Of Professions Supplementary To Medicine (JCPSM),during the discussions held yesterday (30) the deputy health minister Dissanayake had assured  that he will getting the cabinet approval for the major three demands of the PSM'S namely implementing the long delayed service promotions of PSM'S,Establishing a higher grade for PSM'S and recruiting the PSM Graduates who had completed their internships to  government hospitals.

These demands were already produced before the cabinet according to the deputy health minister JCPSM has said.

The PSM's who have launched the strike  since last Tuesday have expanded their strike action  last Thursday by withdrawing from emergency services in government hospitals.

Meanwhile Colombo District Court had issued an Injunction Order last Friday by preventing PSM's from continuing the strike according to a complaint made by a patient.However the PSM's have decided to continue their strike further on Saturday by citing  that their Union has not received the court order.

An Elephant Paraded In Annual Bellanwila Possession Had Disturbed And Ran On The Road By Injuring People

Around 3 people got injured and A house and a motor car were broken as an Elephant paraded in 64th Annual Bellanwila Randholi Possession (Perahera) held last night suddenly got disturbed and ran after the people who were gathered to witness the possession Police has revealed.The elephant named "Hemantha" was suddenly ran on  the road and people gathered there ran  amock the sources added.

A house and a motor vehicle parked nearby have been destroyed by the elephant and the injured got admitted to Kalubowila Teaching Hospital.

Later authorities had captured the elephant around 2.45 a.m this morning by tranquilize him and around 12.45 p.m today he got up and walked calmly police said.However the reason behind his sudden behavior change has not yet revealed.

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