Saturday, August 24, 2013

Government Hospital Perfusionists To Launch Two Day Sick Note Campaign On This Monday And Tuesday

All Government Hospital Perfusionists who are operating heart lung machines during open heart surgeries are to launch a two day sick note campaign on this Monday(26) and Tuesday(27) by demanding solutions for three of their long standing service demands.according to government perfusionists union their personal attach to Colombo National Hospital,Karapitiya Teaching Hospital and Kandy General Hospital where heart surgeries  performing will launch this two day sick note campaign .

Due to this two day sick note campaign all open heart surgeries performed in those government hospitals will be stopped according to the perfusionist union.however the emergency heart surgeries will perform as usual union has said.

Government Hospital Perfusionists are going to  launch this trade union action by demanding removing of their salary anomalies,requesting a risk and extra services allowances for them .the perfusionists attached to Lady Ridgway Children's Hospital will not participate this trade union action due to humanitarian reasons government perfusionists have said.if their demands are not meet during  the strike perfusionists have decided to avoid of attending on call heart surgeries a spokesman of government perfusionists union has said.

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