Thursday, January 23, 2020

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Former CID Director SSP Shani Abeysekare Given A Six Hour Statement To CID

Former Director Of Criminal
Investigations Department  (CID)Senior Superintendent Of Police  (SSP)Shani Abeysekare had yesterday (23)given a six hours statement regarding an allegation levelled  against him on involving in a telephone conversation related to  the  abduction case of Local visa officer attached to Swiss Embassy Shania Bannister Francis .

Court ordered the Former CID Director Shani Abeysekare to give a statement to CID regarding the alleged telephone conversation .

Former CID Director who had been interdicted recently over involving in a telephone conversation with MP Ranjan Ramanayake  said to be included in a leaked  audio clip shared in social media without an initial inquiry,  had arrived in CID Headquarters around 9.15 a.m and left around 3.15 p.m after giving the statement. 

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Attorney General Ordered The Colombo Crimes Division To Arrest Embilipitiya Judge Gihan Pilapitiya

Attorney General Dappula De Livera
has today (23) ordered the Colombo Crimes Division (CCD)to arrest the interdicted Embilipitiya High Court Judge Gihan Pilapitiya after obtaining an arrest warrant from the court .

The arrest order was made after taking in to consideration the evidence and facts submitted against the controversial telephone conversations Judge Pilapitiya had with MP Ranjan Ramanayake .

Earlier soon after the complaints receiving against Judge Gihan Pilapitiya over the telephone conversation audio clips Leaked to the social media ,he had been interdicted from service .Then CCD had recorded a statement from Judge Pilapitiya over the audio clips .

Producing Remanded MP Ranjan Ramanayake For A Voice Test Has Been Postponed Until Further Notice

Court has today (23)ordered the
Magazine Prison Authorities  not to produce Remanded MP Ranjan Ramanayake before Government Analyst for a voice test to ascertain whether the voice contains in the leaked audio clips is his ,until further notice .

Earlier MP Ramanayake was scheduled to be produced before the Government Analyst for the voice test today (24) accordance to the order given by Nugegoda Magistrate U.K Palpola

However the decision has been  changed after few of the  real CD's containing telephone conversations MP Ramanayake had with government officials were handed over to the Parliament by the MP himself  Last evening (22) it had been revealed ..

Two Motorcyclists Had Been Killed Due To Motorcycle -Train Collision

A Motorcyclist and a pillion rider had
been killed after the Motorcycle they were riding in colliding with a "Galu Kumari " Train travelling from Maradana to Beliatta at an unprotected Railway crossing near the AluthGama Railway station  this evening (23).

The deceased who were 16 and 24 year old persons resided at pathiyawela ,Pareygama area had faced this incident when they attempted to cross through the  unprotected railway crossing according to reports .

Due to the incident residents of the area had protested near the accident site by demanding a gate keeper to be deployed for the unprotected Railway crossing ,more than three hours it has been reported .Due to the protest six Trains running towards Galle via Coastal Railway line had been  stopped at Beruwala ,Maggona,Payagala and Southern Kalutara Railway stations    and another train running from Matara to Kandy  stopped at AluthGama Railway station for hours causing an inconvenience for commuters . 

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