Monday, November 5, 2012

40 Low Quality Drug Items Withdrawn From Government Hospitals

Around 40 low quality Drug Varieties distributed to government hospitals island wide were withdrawn by medical supplies division (MSD)during last month government hospital sources revealed.out of this quantity around 10 drugs have  been instructed  to  withdraw from hospitals with effect from today(05) sources said.

"Metfomin "tabs,Cephalexin Injections ,Ceftraxion"Lignocane Gell,Amoxyclav Injection were among the low quality drugs that had withdrawn from hospitals  sources added.within last one and half years around 200 low quality drug varieties were withdrawn from hospitals sources said.

According to medial consultants a large number of low quality drugs that were withdrawn recently have imported from indian drug companies.this situation occurs due to the fraudulent  tender deals  involved when  purchasing of  drug items to government hospitals sources reveals.

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