Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Storm Gloria -Sea Foam.Engulfs Streets Of A Spanish Town


Five Uzbekistan Females Had Been Arrested Over Engaging In Prostitution

The Immigration and Emigration
Department officers had yesterday  (21) arrested five Uzbekistan females of the ages 25-35 years over engaging in prostitution at Wellawatta and Bambalapitiya areas after arriving in the country with tourist visas.

The suspected females had engaged in prostitution through an online advertisements published in the Internet it has been revealed .

These females had been Taken to Mirihana Detention Center for further investigations. 

Two Yesteryear Sinhala Films Screened To Mark 73 Rd Birthday Of Sinhala Cinema

Although many have forgotten the 73 Rd birthday of Sinhala Cinema which fell yesterday (21), two yesteryear sinhala films "Dingiri Manika" (1956)and 'Sada Sulang " (1955)had been  screened to mark   this occassion  in " Tharangani "   cinema hall attached to  National Film Corporation  at Colombo -07  last  Monday and Tuesday evenings with the  courtesy   of Cinema conservationist Thissa Nagodawithana it has been announced.

These days Many had forgotten the Birthday and death anniversary of the first Sinhala Cinema Actress Late Rukmani Devi as well as the birthday of Sinhala Cinema due to the on going political games in the country .

China Issues Travel Warnings As Corona Virus Deaths Surge


A Census To Find Out The Number Of Private Medical Centers Owned By Doctors Begining 01st Of May

An island wide Census   to find out
the number of Private Medical Centers owned by local doctors to be conducted from 01st of May this year (2020) Health Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi has today (22) informed the Parliament.

Health Ministry had finally carried out a census regarding this in 2017 and around 657 private Medical   Centers owned by doctors located in the country at that time .

Health Minister has revealed this as an answer to a question raised by UNP MP Buddhika Pathirana. 

UNP National List MP Dr.Jayampathy Wikramaratna Has Resigned -Trade Unionist SAman Ratnapriya To Replace Him

United National Party (UNP) National
List MP Dr.Jayampathy Wikramaratna has today (22)resigned from his MP Post citing personal reasons.

After receiving his resignation letter General Secretary of the Parliament Dhammika Dissanayake had informed the Chairman of National Election Commission Mahinda Deshapriya that a Parliamentary seat is currently vacant .

Meanwhile United National Party has today decided to nominate Trade unionist and the president of  the  Government Nursing Officers Union Saman Ratnapriya as a National List MP to replace the Dr
Wikramaratna according  to UNP General Secretary Akila Viraj Kariyawasam .

MP Ranjan Ramanayake Had Handed Over Five CD's Containing Telephone Conversations To The Parliament

Remanded United National Party MP
Ranjan Ramanayake had handed over five original CD's containing telephone conversations between him and Higher officials including Parliamentarians to the Parliament accordance to a promise he had given during his speech in Parliament, this evening (22) accordance to the Parliamentary sources .

The five CD'S  handed over by the MP Ramanayake had been handed over to the Hanzard Editor and he is due to enter them to the library list it has been reported .

Earlier MP Ramanayake had requested the Parliament to grant him bail for two days to enable him to getting the CD's containing telephone conversations stored in a security locker of a private bank in view of handing over them to Parliament.

MP Ramanayake has revealed the corrupt activities of many MP's  and some heads of electronic Media channels supporting the present government and who were behind the leaking of some controversial audio clips to the social media saying MP Ramanayake  had recorded them .

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