Thursday, March 31, 2016

Colombo Crimes Division Has Informed The Colombo Court One Kidney Each Of Six Indian Nationals Arrested Recently Were Removed

Image result for kidney racketThe Colombo Crimes Division has today(01) informed the Colombo Magistrate Court  that one kidney each of six out of the eight Indian Nationals who were arrested recently at Wellawatta (In Colombo) were removed based on Colombo Chief Judicial Medical Officers medical report.

The eight Indian Nationals were arrested by the Colombo Crimes Division on 04th of March at a guest house in wellawatta on suspicion of involved in alleged Kidney Transplant Racket operated between Sri Lanka and India and for staying in Sri Lanka by violating visa procedures.

The suspected Indian Nationals have been produced before Colombo Magistrate Court this morning and the Court has been informed by the Colombo Crimes Division that more than 286 documents were found in possession of the suspected Indian Nationals and investigations on them are being carried out through Interpol.

The Colombo Additional Magistrate has ordered the suspected to be under detention until 04th of April.

Local Organization On Protecting Consumers Rights Is To Complain UN On Consumer Affairs Authority

Image result for consumer affairs authorityThe National Campaign for protecting consumers rights has decided to complain United Nations Organization about Sri Lanka's Consumer Affairs Authority regarding  it's failure to protect consumers rights.

Although there is a price control mechanism in the market at present the  consumer affairs authority has not taken any steps to implement it and not even considering the complaints made by consumers the national campaign for protecting consumers rights has stated.


Director General Of Health Services Has Instructed The Authorities To Implement An Island Wide Continuous Awareness Campaign On HIV/AIDS

The Director General Of Health Services Dr.Palitha Mahipala has instructed the relevant authorities to implement a continuous Island Wide awareness campaign on HIV/AIDS targeting General Public,Politicians ,Officers and school children from district to provincial levels.

Until the society learn about the correct information on HIV/AIDS the awareness campaign should continue the Dr.Mahipala has stated.

Sri Lanka's Work Force Consists Of 8.6 Million Employees-Department Of Census

Around 8.6 million out of the 8.9 million member work force in Sri Lanka at  the end of 2015 is identified as employees    according to Department of Census And Statistics.

At the end of final quarter last year 64.5 % of the Sri Lanka's 8.9 million work force are males and 35.5% are females the department has stated.

Out of the 8.6 million Employees  in Sri Lanka 68% are working more than 40 hours  weakly it has been reported. .

Around 4.3 % of the Sri Lanka's s Work Force is  unemployed the Department Of Census And Statistics has stressed.


Germany To Build A Fully Equipped Cancer Hospital In Sri Lanka-Health Minister

The German Government has decided to build a fully equipped modern Cancer Hospital in Sri Lanka for the  benefit of Cancer Patients here according to Minister Of Health,Nutrition And Indigenous Medicine Dr.Rajitha Senaratne.

A suitable land for the proposed cancer hospital has been already selected the Health Minister has stated.

The Health Ministry has also planned to build three fully equipped modern Hospitals similar to Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore here and Russia,Austria and Germany have already submitted their project reports to the local government regarding the proposed hospitals it has been reported.


Investigations Regarding Chavakachcheri Raid Has Been Handed Over To Terrorist Investigation Division

The investigations regarding the explosives recovered  from a house in Chavakachcheri yesterday(30) has been handed over to the Terrorist Investigation Division according to the government.

The Chavakachcheri Police had recovered a suicide jacket,a stock of explosives and ammunition from a house in chavakachcheri yesterday(30) and the house owner was later arrested at Kilinochchi.

Former Minister G.L Pieris To Be Questioned By Police Over His Claim On Explosives Found In Chavakachcheri

The former Minister G.L Pieris is due to be questioned by the Police regarding the claim he has made that the Suicide Jacket and a stock of explosives and ammunition's found from a House in Chavakachcheri (In Northern Province)yesterday (30) are to be bring back to Wellawatta(In Colombo) for a high profile attack according Defense Secretary Karunasena Hettiarachchi.

Although Former Minister Pieris has claimed such a claim it will not be possible to do that due to the steps that taken to strengthen the national security of the country 

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