Thursday, March 30, 2017


Kotharam karya bahula wuwada thama demawpiyan ha samepathamayin kisida  amathaka nokaranna.Anek ratawalata sama ayeku wenuwenma katayutu kireema sandaha dinayak wen kara athath wasara purama sampathama aya wenuwen katayutu karana apata ewani dinayan kisi seth adala nowanneya.Awasi wanuye samepathama aya wenuwen kapa weemata athi unanduwa pamanaki. 

Colombo High Court Imposed Life Imprisonment On Two Drug Suspects

Colombo High Court had imposed  life imprisonment
on two persons over keeping one kilogramme and ninty seven grammes of Heroin in their possession .

Life imprisonment imposed on the accused after they found guilty over the charges.

Police Narcotics Bureau officials arrested the accused persons on 13th of february 2013 in wellawatte area with the hsul of heroin in their possession.

Marathons Linked To Accute Kidney Injury - A Study Reveals


Two Faculties In Ruhuna University Closed Down Due To A Viral Flu

The faculties of Agriculture and Technological Studies
attached to the University Of Ruhuna (Southern Province)were temporarily closed down today (30) due to a viral flu spreading among students.

The two faculties were closed down as per the recommendation of doctors to prevent the viral flu spreading further among the students according to the University Authotities.The closed faculties are due to reopen after the Sinhala/Hindu new year holidays the authorities have stated.

Jaffna High Court Imposed Three Death Sentences On A Person For Killing Three Persons In A Same Family

Jaffna High Court judge M.Ilanvalian had  today
(30)imposed three death sentences on a person who found guilty for killing three members of a same family in Achchuweli area Jaffna (North).

The accused had accepted that he is guilty for the murders before Jaffna High Court today.He had been also sentenced a 14 year rigorous imprisonment over attempting to stab and kill his wife.

Court also ordered the accused to pay Rs.200,000 for his wife as a compensation and Rs.14,000 fine for the crime.

"How  can you forget your closest friend during good and bad times of your life .If you really love her/him you will never hurt them.-Try to be an exemplary friends to the society"

Three Foreign Nationals Were Saved While They Were Drifted Away By The Sea Waves

Life saving guards attached to the Coast Guard
Deparment have today(30) saved the lives of three foreign nationals including a female unharmed ,when  they were drifted away by the sea waves while bathing in sea coastal area in Mirissa (Southern Province).

Three Czech and Russian nationals had faced this incident according to the sources.


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Anuradhapura Magistrate Court Sentenced A Person Fifteen Year Imprisonment Over Raping An Under Aged School Girl

Image result for court orderAnuradhapura Magistrate Court has today (30) sentenced a person fifteen year imprisonment over raping of an under aged school girl  between 01st of August -22nd of August in 2008 .

The Court by announcing the verdict had ordered the rapist to pay Rs.25,000 compensation for the victim .If the Rapist fails to pay the compensation he should have serve an extra year in prison the Magistrate has stated.

The accused is a resident of Rajanganaya area.

Six Suspects Remanded Over Assaulting Of Former Deputy Editor Of Nation Paper Released On Bail

Image result for bailMount Lavinia Magistrate Court has today (30) released the six suspects including an Army Major who were arrested and remanded over assaulting of former Deputy Editor of the Nation Newspaper Keith Noyahr on bail.

The suspects were released on personal bails of million each.However they were ordered by the Magistrate Court to appear before the Criminal Investigations Department(CID)on last Sunday of each month.

The case on assaulting  former Deputy Editor Noyahr will be taken up for hearing on 01st Of June.

Twenty One Persons Including Twenty Students And A Teacher Injured Due To A Roof Collapse In A School Building

Image result for injured clip artTwenty One persons including twenty students and a teacher were injured and hospitalized this morning(30) after a roof of a building attached to the Sirimalwaththa Collage in Kandy collapsed on them.

The injured four seriously were admitted to the Kandy Teaching and Yakgahapitiya Hospitals for treatment.

At the time of the roof collapse more than forty grade five  students and their female teacher were there in the building it has been revealed. 

One Out Of Eight Sri Lankans Estimated As Suffering From Some Kind Of Mental Disorder

Image result for depressionOne out of eight persons in Sri Lanka estimated as suffering from some kind of mental disorder and majority of them are suffering from Depression  according to the Mental Health Officer attached to the World Health Organization(WHO) Dr.Suveen Thirapaty.

However only 40% of the locals suffering from mental disorders  are seeking treatment for the diseases at present and the majority of 60% avoid treatment he has stressed.

Addressing a media seminar held on "Depression" last morning(29) in Government Information Department in Narahenpita (Colombo) Dr.Thirapaty has stated that around 80,000 Sri Lankans annually getting Depression   and around 800,000 are currently living with the disease .

Depression affected females more than men and there's no barrier for the disease as anyone at any age can get it Dr.Thirapaty stated.

Addressing the seminar Psychiatrist Dr.Niel Fernando has said that by identifying the disease earlier Depression can be cured without any medication  and people with Depression normally have several of the following symptoms for at least two weeks-

The symptoms are-
Sadness,Loss of Energy,A Change in appetite and or weight loss,sleeping more or less,anxiety,reduced concentration,indecisiveness,restlessness,feelings of worthlessness/guilt/hoplessness ,irritability,thought of self harm or suicide ,loss of interest or pleasure in hobbies and activities ,Aches,pains,headaches,cramps or digestive problems without a clear physical cause that do not ease with treatment.

The best way to avoid Depression is to talk to someone you trust (A family member or a friend ) about your feelings he has stressed.Eat regularly and engage in exercises regularly including a short walk  are also helpful to avoid the disease he said.

Depression can be defeated Dr.Fernando has said while giving the names of some famous people who managed to overcome the disease like Abraham Lincoln,Princess Diana,Beethoven,Sir Vincent Churchill and local film personality Anoja Weerasinghe.

All Island Curfew Schedule To Be Changed From Tomorrow(06)

Government has amended  the current curfew schedule implemented in the country daily from tomorrow (06)according to the President's ...