Friday, March 17, 2017


Foreign-Donald Trump Refused To Shake Hands With Merkel Infront Of TV Cameras

The Sri Lankan Crew Members Who Were Released By Somalian Pirates Due To To Arrive In Sri Lanka Tomorrow(19)

The eight member Sri Lankan crew
belonging to the Aris-13
 oil tanker who were released after captivating them by the Somalian sea pirates are due to arrive in Sri Lanka tomorrow (19) according to sources .

The Sri Lankan crew members who were captivated for four days by the Somalian sea pirates had been released after the intervention of Sri Lankan government the sources stated.

The release of Sri Lankan crew members believed to be the fastest as Somalian pirates still held eight Iranian sship crew members hijacked few years ago.

After the oil tanker which the Sri Lankan crew members on board  hijacked by the pirates  early this week ,Somalian authorities attempted to fire at the pirates in the tanker to rescue the crew members.However Sri Lankan government has intervened and requested the authorities not to fire at them as it will be harmful for the crew members .

Later pirates have released the Sri Lankan crew and they were taken to Somalia afterwards .

A Person Was Killed After Colliding With A Train In Chilaw

A person was killed after colliding with a train near the Chilaw train station
  last night(17).

The body of the deceased has been sent to Chilaw Hospital for a post mortem.


Two Persons Were Arrested With Illicit Liqour In Kelaniya

Police have arrested two persons including a female
with 111,000 liters of illicit liqour in their possession today (17).

The two suspects were arrested in kelaniya area.

A Container Truck Driver Was Injured After A Truck Veered Off The Road And Toppled Over

A container truck driver has been injured and
hospitalized after the truck he was driving in veered off the road and toppled over on Hatton-Colombo main road near the entry road to watawala (upcountry)railway station today (17).

The container truck transported soft drinks from agarapathana in hatton  to Colombo at the time of the accident.

As the container truck toppled over to the entry road  to the railway station , transport activities of that road blocked for hours according to the sources.

An Austrian National Fainted And Died in Sigiriya Rock

A 72 year old Austrian national who went to see
historical Sigiriya rock has died after fainting in room of frescoes attached to the rock it has been reported.

The Austrian national had been admitted to the Kimbissa Provincial hospital where he was pronounced as dead.

Thama pawule samajikayinta,samepa mithuranta awankawa asemithawa adaraya karana ayekuta kisiwitaka thamange adarayata pitupa kriya kala nohakiya-Ese thama adarayata pitupa kriya kala hakke kalaguna nodath kotta Maru karanawa ha samanawa asuru karannan Maru kala haki anek ayage sith redawemak wunat Tama gamana yana bawa sithana atmartakami ayekuta pamani.

Ewani Aya Tama sathuta udesa demawupiyanta pawa pitupawada eya arumayak nowanu atha.Ewani atmartakami adahas ati Kara nogena Sama witama thama adaraneyayange sathuta ganada sithana parartakami ayeku wanna.Ewita kisi Dina oba yana gamana nowaradinu atha.

Foreign-Hungary To Put Migrants In Shipping Containers


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A Police Contsable Had Been Injured And Hospitalized Due To An Assault In A Bus

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A police constable had been injured and hospitalized after a bus driver and his assistant assaulted him in a bus traveling from Vavuniya(North) to Colombo at Ambanpola ,Galgamuwa area today(17). 

The injured police constable  had been admitted to the Galgamuwa Hospital for treatment.The assault has taken place  due to a personal reason it has been revealed.

Ambanpola Police are conducting an investigation to arrest the attackers.

An Unidentified Group Killed A Person And Injured His Wife By Stabbing Them With Sharp Objects

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An unidentified group of persons had killed a 36 year old person and severely injured his wife by stabbing  them with sharp objects in the wee hours of this morning in sedigole village at Galle(Southern Province) according to the Police.

The severely injured female had been admitted to the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital for treatment.

Galle Police have launched a search operation to arrest the suspects who were involved in the attack.

Thirty Vehicle Spare Parts Selling Outlets In Maradana To Face A Legal Action Over Selling Counterfeit Spare Parts

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During a raid carried out by the officers of the  Consumer Affairs Authority in vehicle spare parts selling outlets at  Panchikawatte area in Maradana(Colombo)  today(17),the officers had managed to identify  30 Vehicle spare parts selling outlets selling counterfeit spare parts to the consumers  under the original brand names of Japanese and German spare parts it has been reported. 

The Authority is due to take a legal action against the  owners of the Thirty outlets which raided today(17).
The counterfeited vehicle spare parts which sold  by the raided spare parts selling outlets are reported as made in China.


A Person Was Killed After Colliding With A Train

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A person was killed after colliding with a moving train between Colombo Fort and Slave Island train stations last night(16).

The person had been collided with a train traveling from Mount Lavinia to Maradana according to the Police.

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