Monday, October 19, 2009

Rubella Vaccine Failure Occured Only In Sri lanka

Although around 12 Countries in the World including Sri Lanka,Canada and Russia are using the Rubella Vaccine which manufactured by the Same Institute The Serum Institute Of India Deaths due to Vaccine Failure were only reported from Sri Lanka Health Minister Nimal Siripala said today.Addressing a Press Brifing in Colombo this mornning he stressed that the World Health Organization too informned him on this.

"Even the Countries like Canada,United Kingdom,Russia and Turkey too are purchasing the Rubella Vaccine from The Serum Institute Of India and theere are no complaints whatsoever reported from these Countries aginst the Vaccine Minister Siva Added.The Serum Institute is the Sole Manufacturer of the Vaccine and when tenders called to Purchase these Vaccines Only the Serum Institute Applied for the Bid "he further said.

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