Monday, November 19, 2012

Medical Administrators Forum Has Requested Health Minister To Take Stern Action Against Sex Maniacs

The Government Medical Administrator's Forum has requested Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena to revealed the names of health ministry officials who are charged for sexual harassment on women within the ministry premises and take a stern action against them with immediate effect.

Through a written letter to the minister government medical administrators forum has urged the need to take action against those sex maniacs to clear the good name of ministry of health it minister has revealed last week that there were sexual harassment charges against officials in the ministry of health and some females have already complained on them to him.however minster did not revealed the positions and names of the accused officials.

By responding to the minister's statement medical administrators association has said that minister has clearly stated that  most of the females were sexually harasses when they are going to these officials to get a new job,job promotion or a transfer  has puzzled them as most of the said work    are handled by minister him self and his co coordinating secretaries .

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