Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Chamber Of Pharmaceutical Drugs In Sri Lanka To Support Drug Policy While Opposing The Drug Price Control Mechanism

The Chamber of Pharmaceutical Drugs In Sri Lanka stated today that they have been opposing the proposed Drug Price Control Mechanism of the Government as it will become a burden to the patients.The President of the Chamber Mr.Vish Govinda Swamy said today that they will supporting the proposed National Drugs Policy if the authorities are willing to implement that soon but not the price control mechanism which has proved as a useless system in other fields too.

Addressing a press briefing held in Colombo this eve Mr.Govinda Swamy has stressed that to tackle the rising drug prices in private pharmacies the chamber of pharmaceutical industry in Sri Lanka will introduce a price marking system of every drug that sold in those pharmacies and have already advised the pharmacy owners to marked  the prices of drugs on  the labels of every drug .

"We still think the only way to tackle the problems related to medicinal drugs of sri lanka including the quality and the price problem is non other then implementing the proposed National Drugs Policy made by late professor senaka bibile".But without trying to implement that policy soon wonder why the authorities are trying to introduced a drug price control mechanism in a hurry  " he has questioned.

As The Pharmacy Drugs Prices Are In Increase Majority Of Patients Avoid Of Buying Them

Majority of the patients are avoid of buying medicinal drugs  through the private pharmacies nowadays due to the ever rising prices of them health sources have revealed today (23).As the patients are not buying  drugs  the sales of these pharmacies too dropped sharply. According to the sources the prices of almost every drug available in those pharmacies  have  increased during past few weeks without an exact reason.

Prices of some essential drugs including drugs prescribed for Diabetes,High Blood Pressure,Cholesterol and Heart Diseases were increased by  more than 10 percent during this month .

Due to this situation the majority of government hospital patients have  avoid of buying the drugs from private pharmacies although  prescribed by hospital doctors and doctors are warning that the conditions of these patients will get worsen if they continue to avoid of buying prescribed  drugs for their ailments.

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