Thursday, August 15, 2019



Russia bird strike: Collision with gulls forces plane to land in field

planes crashed after hiiting with gulla සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵල


Three Close Aides Of Chief Easter Sinday Attacks Suspect Zahran Arrested In Ampara

Police have today (15)arrested three
close aides of Chief bomb suspects of Easter Sunday attacks Mohommad Zahran Hashim at Ampara area.

The Three suspects who are members of Banned Jamaathei MillatheI  Ibrahim  Organization had received arms training with Zahran at Training camps in Nuwara Eliya and Hambanthota areas it has been revealed.

All three suspects are residents of Mawanella area and they were arrested accordance to an information received by State Intelligence Unit .     

Water Levels Of Castlereigh And Maussakale Reservoirs Are On The Increase

Water levels of Castlereigh and Maussakale Reservoirs are nearing it's spill level as a resut of the heavy showers prevailed in Western slope areas at Central hills during last few days it has been reported .

 During last few months the water levels of these reservoirs had decreased due to the drought situation prevailed in Central hills.

As the water levels of the two reservoirs  are on the rise power generating capacity of Lakshapana, New Lakshapana, Polpitiya  and Wimalasirendra Power Stations  is being increased  according to electric Engineers .

Seven Female Estate Workers Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Wasp Attack

  • Seven female Estate Workers attached
    to Boyagana Tea Estate in Bagawanthalawa area had been injured and hospitalized due to a Wasp attack this morning (15).

The injured female workers had been admitted to Bagawanthalawa Provincial Hospital for treatment.

The Wasps attackEd the workers  after being provokEd mistakenly by a female worker it has been revealed.  

All Island Curfew Schedule To Be Changed From Tomorrow(06)

Government has amended  the current curfew schedule implemented in the country daily from tomorrow (06)according to the President's ...