Saturday, March 14, 2020

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Number Of Corona Virus Infected Persons In Sri Lanka Risen To 11-06 Of Them Arrived From Italy

Five new Corona Virus (Covid -19)
infected Sri lankans most of them arrived from corona virus hit Italy ,had been identified today (14)according to the Health Authorities.

With these Corona virus infected persons total number of Corona cases identified in Sri Lanka had risen to 11 .10 of them are Sri Lankans and other one is a Chinese female  who got cured and left the country .

The 11 th corona virus patient identified Is a 17 year old girl who is a relative of  a corona virus patient identified earlier.

Meanwhile many in the society have criticized the two persons who had arrived from Italy after being infected with the Corona Virus by cheating to the both Italian and Sri lankan authorities. They have hidden their symptoms by consuming paracetamol whilst in italy and because of them 16 others who are under quarantine after arrived from Italy are in danger of infected with the virus according to Health Authorities.

Those two patients had stayed close to those 16 who are under quarantine ,at the Katunayake Airport after their arrival.

Meamwhile some have stated that a pary of the blame should be gone  to the authorities as well  as they do not take any action to impose a travel ban earlier for those Arrived from Italy when the coroma virus epidemic began there .

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A Relative Of A Foreign Ministry Female Officer Proved As Infected With Corona Virus -Female Officer Is Under Self Isolation

A relative of a Female officer attached
to the Foreign Ministry has been confirmed as infected with Corona Virus  (Covid -19) according to the Ministry sources .

As a result  the female officer believes to be the one responsible for transmitting  the virus to her relative is currently under self isolation since last friday (13)and all the staff members who had worked with the officer at a European city recently where she believes to be infected with virus ,will be under self isolation from coming week Ministry has stressed .

All the Sections of the Foreign Ministry will be disinfected according to reports .

Police Department Has Banned Public /Private Meetings For Two Weeks

Police Department has today
(14)announced a two week ban on holding public /Private meetings and functions as a step to stop spreading corona virus in the country.

Acting Inspector General Of Police(IGP) Chandana Wikramaratna has ordered Police OIC ' s to inform on this to the public through loudspeakers. 

A stern action will be taken against those who are violating this ban police department has streesed .Also  those who are being obstructed the quarantine process of the corona virus suspected persons will be arresred without a warrent under the powers vested with the Police acting IGP has stated .

Government Has Declared This Monday (16)As A Public, Bank And Mercantile Holiday To Avoid Spreading Corona Virus

Government has declared this Monday 
(16)as a Public ,Bank and Mercantile Holiday in view of avoid spreading Corona Virus in the country .

If further steps need to be taken to curb the spreading of the virus it will be taken either tomorrow  (15) or the day after after discussing with President Gotabaya Rajapakshe according to the Minister of Public Administration Janaka Bandara Tennakoon .

Minister has advised the public to stay at home on Monday as the holiday is not given to go on picnics.  

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Corona Virus-Government Requests To Stop Public Gatherings For Two Weeks -Banned Screening Films At Cinema Halls

Government had requested the public
to avoid public gatherings during next two weeks as a meassure to avoid spreading corona virus here.

Meanwhile government had today  (14)banned screening of films at cinema halls belonging to National Film Corporation island wide until further notice.Accordingly all cinema halls belonging to Corporation will be shut down temporarily from today .

Prison Officers and Prison inmates attached to all prisons in the islsnd are being advised to wear face masks stich by using Cloths with immediate effect  to prevent the virus spread in prisons .

Every prison in the island had provided with 100 meter long Cloths to stich face masks it has been revealed .These masks are scheduled to be stinched through inmates .

All prisoners and Prison Officers are being provided facilities to wash their hands thoroughly before entering the Prison. 

Four Polish Nationals Arrived From Poland Had Been Admitted To IDH Hospital On Suspicion Of Infected With Corona Virus

Four Polish Nationals arrived at
Katunayake International Airport  from Poland to fly to Moscow in Russia via a transition  had been transit flight  had been admitted to Infectious Diseases Hospital at Angoda on suspicion of infected with corona virus this morning  (14).

The 04 Polish Nationals  Had shown corona virus infection like symptoms during screening them at the Health office in Katunayake Airport it has been revealed.