Sunday, December 3, 2017


Skipping breakfast could increase your risk of diabetes and heart disease, according to research published this week.

A study found that having a morning meal triggers the body's fat cells to eat up sugar rather than store it.

 The process could help regulate the hormone insulin, which controls blood sugar levels, and prevent the body from producing excess fat which commonly triggers diabetes and heart disease. 
This research adds to the popular idea that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as it has been found to decrease the risk of obesity, regulate metabolism and provide lasting energy to get you through the day.

Skipping the meal has been linked to atherosclerosis or the build-up of fats, cholesterol and plaque in the artery walls which can lead to various other conditions including heart disease.
And though not eating breakfast may be thought to induce weight loss, as promoted by British actress Joanna Lumley, the study published in the Journal of Physiology says otherwise.

The team in Bath and Nottingham, England, found that fat in obese people responds less to insulin than in lean people and the decrease related to the person's total amount of body fat.(Daily Mail Health)


Two Female Garment Factory Workers Have Been Injured Due To A Van-Tipper Truck Collision

Two female Garment Factory Workers have been injured and hospitalized after the Van they were traveling in colliding with a Tipper Truck when the Van attempting to turn at Naotunna area on Matara-Dikwella road this morning(04).

The injured were admitted to the Matara General Hospital for treatment.The Van they were in transporting a group of female Garment Factory workers at the time of the accident.

Gandara Police had arrested the Drivers of the Van and the Tipper Truck over the incident.

Two Persons Injured Due To A Stoning Of A Bus-Five Arrested Over The Incident

Two persons including an Army Officer were injured due to a stoning of a Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB)Bus they were traveling in Kanakarayankulam area(Northern Province). 

Kankarayankulam Police had arrested five youth over the stoning of the Bus traveling Jaffna  to Kandy .

The suspects  were arrested by the Police in few earlier occasions as well over robberies in the area.They are due to be produced before the Vavuniya Magistrate Court today(04).

Another Low Pressure Area Developing Near Andaman Islands To Cause Heavy Showers And Strong Winds In Sri Lanka From Tomorrow(05)

Due to the low pressure area developing near the Andaman Islands of the  Indian Ocean at present  Sri Lanka will be experienced strong winds and heavy showers from tomorrow(05) again according to the Meteorology DepartmentThis low pressure area will be developed in to a pressure area during next 24 hours and as a result wind speed in Sri Lankan seas from North and Eastern Parts to South will be around 60 or 70 Kilo Meters per hour and wind speed in Land areas will be around 50 -60 Kilo Meters per hour the Department has stated.

People living near sea areas especially the fisheries community and Navy should be vigilant over  this situation the Meteorology Department said.

The pressure area  due to reach India through the Bay of Bengal it has been predicted.

The Okie Cyclone which caused heavy showers and strong winds in 16 Districts during last week  had moved away from Sri Lanka it has been revealed.

Daughter Of Ousted Robert Mugabe Hired Chinese Builders To Erect A Lavish Home


Sri Lankan Cricketers Fallen Sick Due To The Deadly Toxic Smog In New Delhi

Due to the toxic smog in heavily polluted Indian
Capital city New Delhi four Sri Lankan cricketers had experienced breathing difficulties and some had vomitted during the third Test Cricket Match which had commenced in Delhi Cricket stadium yesterday (02) it has been reported.

The four Sri Lankan Cricketers who had expetienced breathing difficulties while fielding were given Oxygen in the dressing room of players according to the Team management.

As the toxic smog in New Delhi arisen during noon session Sri Lankan cricketers had been seen fielding in the ground wearing oxygen masks.

Few Oxygen Cylinders and five doctors were provided to treat Sri Lankan players who felt unconcious due to the smog according to reports.Due to this situation the game was stopped for thirty minutes yesterday,

A Youth Selling Liquor In Poya Day Arrested In Jaffna

Jaffna Police had today (03)arrested a 28 year old
youth over selling Liquor in poya day at a stall in Gurunagar in Jaffna with around 83 Liquor bottles in his possession.

Among the Liquor bottles taken into custody in possession of the suspect there were 43 Beer Bottles and  40 strong Liquor bottles it has been revealed.

Selling of Liquor during poya days is strictly banned in Sri Lanka.

The suspect along with the stock of Liquor bottles are due to be produced before the court.

Suspended Train Services From Colombo To Badulle Had Commenced

The Train services from Colombo to Badulla in
Upcountry railway line which had been suspended since last Thursday (29)due to the adverse weather including collapsing of rock and soil had re commenced today (03)according to Railway Department.

Due to the adverse weather train services in Upcountry Railway line was restricted to Nanuoya.

A train which left from Colombo fort railway station had reached Badulla this noon it has been reported.However the night train will only running from Colombo Fort to Nanuoya.


The Land Sinking As The Sea Rises




A Sri Lankan Was Arrested Over Bringing A Stock Of Jewelry Illegally

Airport Customs officers had arrested a 35 year old Sri Lankan arrived in from Kualalampur,Malaysia with a
stock of Jewelry he brought to the country illegally at Katunayake,Bandaranaike International Airport last night (02).

The stock of jewelry weighing around 355 grammes had concealed inside the luggage of the suspect according to the Customs.The estimated value of the Jewelry is nerly Rs.2 million .

Airport customs officers had confiscated the stock of Jewelry and released the suspect on a fine of Rs.10,000.

Five Persons Including Two Small Children Were Injured Due To A Fire

Five persons including two small children were
critically injured and hospitalized due to a fire erupted in their house at panaleeya,Polgahawela area last night (02).

The injured including two small children,two females and a male were admitted to the Polgahawela Hospital and later they were transferred to Kurunagala Teaching Hospital for further treatment.

Police officers attached to the Polgahawela Police who arrived in the scene had doused the fire with the help of  residents of the area it has been reported.

The cause of the fire not yet been revealed.

Landslide Warnings Issued To Six Districts Have Been Extended

National Building Research Organization (NBRO)had
extended the Landslide Warnings issued to six districts for another 24 hours with effect from 9.30 a.m this morning (03).

Accordingly Landslide Warnings issued to Ratnapura, Badulla, Galle, Matara, Hambanthota and Kalutara Districts have been extended until 9.30 a.m tomorrow (04).

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