Monday, November 4, 2013

Six Bus Passengers Were Killed Due To A Bus Accident In Bandarawela

Six passengers were killed and more than twenty people got injured when a bus traveling on the Bandarawela-Punagala Road has been skidded off the road and fell in to a 300 feet deep precipice at Punagala area this evening.twenty three injured passengers are currently admitted to Bandarawela and Diyathalawa Hospitals for further treatment according to hospital sources.

Around Sixty passengers were there inside the bus when the accident has occurred according to reports.

Government And Private Sector Employees To Hold A Protest Campaign Tomorrow(05)

The Government and Private sector employees attach to 35 Trade Unions are to conduct a massive protest campaign in front of Fort ,Railway Station tomorrow (05) evening by demanding solutions for  18 service demands including  increasing salaries of government employees by Rs.10,000 the Government and Private Sector Trade Union Alliance has revealed.

According to the conveners of the Trade Union Alliance they are also demanding a Rs.5000 monthly  relief allowance for all private sector employees due to the high cost of living prevails in the country at present ."without getting a sufficient salary increase government and private sector employees are not able to meet their basic needs under present circumstances" they have said.

The protest campaign is due to begin at 3 p.m tomorrow evening and trade unions including  postal,health,electricity ,telecom,banks and railways are scheduled to  taking part in the protest.

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