Tuesday, November 25, 2014

HIV/AIDS Among Intravenous Drug Users Are On The Increase In Sri Lanka

Intravenous Drug Users(IDU'S) known as the Drug Users who are injecting Drugs to their bodies among the annually reported HIV Positives of  Sri Lanka are on the increase according to the Consultant  Venereologist attach to the National STD/AIDS Campaign Dr.Ariyaratne Manatunge.According to Dr.Manatunge out of the total number of HIV Positives reported from the country last year(2013) 2% are IDU's and in previous years non of the IDU's are among the HIV Positives reported.

In last year it has been estimated that around 423 Intravenous Drug Users were there in the country.Also female sex workers as well as the men to men sexual contacts among the HIV Positives in Sri Lanka too are on the increase Dr.Manathunge has said.

Female Sex Workers,Men to Men Sexual Contacts,Intravenous Drug Users,Drug Users and Beech Boys have been identified as the higher Risk Groups in the Sri Lankan Society that are  vulnerable to HIV/AID he has revealed.

Meanwhile it has been reported  that the HIV Positives in Sri Lanka  have been doubled withing the  last 5 years .Still the main cause for HIV/AIDS in Sri Lanka are heterosexual relationships which contributed 48% to the total number of HIV Positives reported from Sri Lanka.

Western,North Western and Southern Provinces have been identified as the provinces where highest number of HIV Positives are being reported.

These facts were revealed during the HIV /AIDS Media Workshop jointly conducted by Sri Lanka Family Planning Association and National STD/AIDS Campaign which was held at the Hotel Renuka in Colombo-03 this morning.

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