Thursday, June 1, 2017


Around 208 persons Have Died Due To The Bad Weathrr

Around 208 persons have died and 96 persons went
missing up to now due to adverse weather conditions affected in 15 districts according to the Disaster Management Center.

More than 629,000 persons have been displaced and affected due to the adverse weather.

Meanwhile the water levels of Kalu,Nilwala and gin rivers which were  overflowing  last friday currently receding the center has stated.

Several areas of Galle including baddegama ,Poddala,wakwella and some areas in Matara still under water authorities have stated.

Navy officers have today recovered a body of a child around five years old while floating in the Kalu river in elamodara in Galapatha,Kaluthara.

Navy have requested the persons in flood affected areas not to travel through rafts or boats until the flood water completely recead.



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Palawatte Bridge On Deniyaya-Galle Main Road Had Collapsed

Image result for collapsed bridge in morawakaThe Palawatte Bridge in Porupitiya ,Morawake area had collapsed due to the heavy showers prevailed in the area during last few days according to the reports.

The collapsed bridge is situated near Palawatte Junction on Deniyaya-Galle main road .

A Six Year Old Boy Was Killed And Three Of His Family Members Injured Due To A Road Accident

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A six year old boy had been killed and three of his family members were injured and hospitalized after the Motor Car they were traveling in fallen a 60 feet deep precipice near Ginigathhena area in the wee hours of this morning(01).

The injured a mother ,father and the grand mother of the deceased child were admitted to the Ginigathhena Hospital and later the grand mother had been transferred to the Nawalapitiya Base Hospital for further treatment.

According to the Ginigathhena Police the accident occurred while the family members were returning to Ginigathhena from Ehaliyagoda after attending an alms giving event of their relative who has died due to a landslide recently in Ehaliyagoda area .

The accident had been  occurred after the father of the deceased boy who was driving the vehicle at the time fallen a sleep it has been revealed.

A Landslide Threat In Bulathsinghale Area

Image result for bulathsinhala areaThere is a landslide threat in Pahalagama area in Millakanda,Bulathsinghale area (Kalutara Distrcit)according to the Police.

Due to this situation seven families living in the area have evacuated  the Police have stated.

Three Persons Have Died After a Raft They Were In Toppled On Flood Waters In Matara

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Three persons including a mother and son of a same family  have drowned in seven feet high flood waters in Aththudawa ,Matara District this  morning(01) after the raft they were traveling in toppled over .

The bodies of the deceased have found a hour after the incident according to the Sri Lanka Navy.

The deceased a Mother her 14 year old son and a relative who have been trapped due to the floods affected in Matara district ,were on the way to participate the funeral of  boy's father at the time of the accident.

Sri Lankan Health Officials To Promote Drinking Water,King Coconut/Kurumba Water Instead Of Sweetened Drinks/Beverages

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Sri Lankan Health Officials have decided to  promote Drinking water,King Coconut and Kurumba Water instead of sweetened juices and milk products island wide  as sweetened products contains extra amount of hidden sugar .

The promotion campaign of water and King Coconut/Kurumba water is due to be launched island wide with effect from this month as this month named as the National Month of Nutrition .
The Nutrition Division of the Ministry Of Health is now openly requested the public to  throw out any sweetened drink bottle or sweet stored in the  fridge so no one in the house will becomes  addicted to them.

Even consuming liquor too added sugar to the body and it is also a harmful for your health ,Health Experts have warned.

Doctors advise the public to Drink 6-8 glasses of Water daily and avoid sweetened drinks and beverages for the benefit of the health.

The World Health Organization has recommended only 6 teaspoons of  sugar daily per person.


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Adverse Weather -Water Levels Receding In Several Districts -Some Areas In Galle And Matara Experiencing Minor Floods

Related imageAlthough the water levels in several Districts affected with floods now receding, several areas in Galle including Baddegama,Poddala and Wakwella and some areas in Matara still experienced a minor flood situation according to the Department of Irrigation.

Now the water level in Baddegama area stands as 4 meters .

Due to not receiving heavy showers during last few days the water levels in Ging River now slowly receding it has been reported.

Meanwhile the Department of Irrigatuion is considering to break the bund of Nilwala River as the receding of flood waters in Matara District happens slowly 

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