Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Cancer 'biggest middle-age killer in rich nations'


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A Motorcyclist Was Killed Due To A Road Accident

accident සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵල
A 43 year old Motorcyclist had been killed after the Motorcycle he was travelling in from  to Colombo veering off the road without his control at Southern Panadura area in Galle-Colombo main Road last night (02).

He had succumbed to his injuries after being admitted to the Panadura Base Hospital.

A Sudden Fire Erupted In A Private Bank Branch In Rajagiriya

fire සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵලA Sudden Fire erupted at a Private Bank Branch in Rajagiriya area this evening (03) had damaged the building according to sources .

Fire Brigade of the Sri Jayawardnapura-Kotte Urban Council had doused the fire by using two fire trucks .No casualties have been reported due to the incident and the  Authorities believe an Electric Leak might have caused the fire .

President Has Agreed To Give Evidence Before Parliamentary Select Committee Probe On Easter Sunday Attacks

sri lanka parliament සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵලPresident Maithripala Sirisena has agreed to give evidence before the Parliamentary Select Committee probe on Easter Sunday Attacks according to the Deputy Speaker and Committee Chairman Ananda Kumarasiri .

However the date that President is  giving evidence before the Committee and the place are not yet been decided Deputy Speaker has stressed .

The Parliamentary Select Committee members are due  to go to the Presidents Office in a convenient date for president during next Parliament week and recorded a statement from him regarding the Easter Sunday Attacks it has been reported .

The Parliamentary Select committee is scheduled to be produced the final Committee report on Easter Sunday Attacks before the Parliament at the end of this month .

"අව්‍යාජ සෙනෙහස හඳුනන මිතුරන් පිටුපෑම හා රැවටීම පාපයක් සේ සැළකීම නිසා සැමදා ළඟ සිටිනුයේ තම සැබෑ මුහුණුවරිනි ""

lion human friendship සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵල

Brexit: No-deal opponents argue for Commons control


A Gazette Notification Issued Regarding Holding The Elpitiya Pradesheeya Sabha Election

election box සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵලA Gazette Notification regarding holding the Elpitiya Pradesheeya Sabha (Local Government Body ) on 11th of October has been issued today (03).

After the Supreme Court has ordered to hold the suspended election of the Elpitiya Pradesheeya Sabha Galle District Secretary has yesterday (02)instructed the National Elections Commission to hold the Elections on 11th of October .

Supreme Court  has suspended the holding of the Election in Elpitiya Pradeseeya Sabha due to a Fundamental Rights petition filed by the governing Democratic United National Front (UNP) against rejecting it's nomination paper submitted to the Galle District select officer on 10th of February 2018.

President Sirisena Told Future President Has No Powers Under The 19th Constitution

19th amendment of sri lanka සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵල
President Maithripala Sirisena has said today (03) that As the President elected in future Presidential Election has no executive powers under the 19th Amendment of the Constitution , Sri Lanka Freedom Party(SLFP) should target to elect a Prime Minister from the Party in future  .

Addressing the 68th Anniversary of the SLFP held at Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium in Colombo this evening ,President has stressed that under the 19th Amendment Prime Minister will receive more powers than the President .

 Current Prime Minister is the first respondent that created an environment that could not hold a Provincial Council Election in the country and this has been revealed when he asked the opinion of the Supreme Court regarding holding of Provincial Council Elections President has further said .

Some members of the newly formed Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna had participated in the SLFP Anniversary summit however SLFP had not invited the governing United National Party(UNP) for the summit it has been revealed.

Little Daughter Of The Chief Easter Sunday Bomber Zahran Handed Over To The Child's Grandparents

court order සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵලColombo Fort Magistrate Ranga Dissanayke has today (03) ordered to hand over the custody of  four year old daughter of the Chief Bomber of Easter Sunday Attacks Mohomad Zahran Hashim who is under the custody of Criminal Investigations Department (CID) to the parents of the Child's Mother .

Magistrate had issued this order accordance to the request made by CID to hand over the custody of the Zahran's little daughter to a suitable party .However Magistrate Dosaanayake has ordered the Child Probation Authorities to supervise the child it has been reported.

Both Zahran's little daughter and his wife were rescued by the Sri Lanka Army officers during the raid carried out at a safe house in Kaththankudy few days after the Easter Sunday attacks .

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