Sunday, October 8, 2017

North Korea-Kim Jong Un Promotes His Sister To Politibureau


Sri Lanka Imposed Sanctions Against North Korea

Sri Lanka has also imposed sanctions against North
Korea as per the instructions given by United Nations to it's member countries according to the Ministry Of Foreign affairs.

Accordingly Sri Lankans here and abroad are strictly banned from exchanging nuclear weapons,storing,transporting ,keeping in possession or supplying with North Korea until the country has stopped it's nuclear testing which becomes a threat to International peace the Ministry has stated.

Under the sanctions supplying ships and ship  crew members on rental and lease to North Korea as well as supplying fuel to that country have been banned and North Korean financial institutions too not allowed to open their branches in Sri Lanka.

Those who violate these provisions will face either a five year imprisonment or a fine not exceeding Rs.05 million or both punishments as per a high court order the Ministry has stated.

Airport Customs Officers Arrested An Ugandan Women With A Stock Of Narcotic

Airport customs officers have today (08)arrested an
Ugandan female with 500 grammes of narcotic similar to Heroin in her possession at Katunayake ,Bandaranaike Intetnational Airport.

The narcotic concealed inside the hand bag of suspected 43 year old Businesswoman who had arrived in Sri Lanka from Dubai it has been revealed.The suspected female had visited Sri Lanka few times earlier as well according to the Customs officers.

The estimated value of the stock of  Narcotic recovered in  possession of the Ugandan female is around  Rs.5 million .Airport Customs officers have launched an investigation regarding the incident.

Two Persons Were Killed Due To A Road Accident In Teldeniya

Two persons were killed and around twenty others
were injured and hospitalized after the 7private bus they were travelling in fallen down a 100 feet deep precipice in Rangala ,Theldeniya this evening (08).

The injured have been admitted to Theldeniya Hospital for treatment according to thr Police.

Two Including A Small Child Were Killed Due To A Jeep-Van Collision

Two persons including a three year old boy were killed
and Twelve  others injured due to a Jeep-Van collision occurred on Baduraliya-Kalawana road this evening (08)according to the Police.

The injured who were travelling in the Van have been admitted to Baduraliya and Nagoda hospitals for treatment.

The accident  occurred when a Jeep travelling from Baduraliya to Kalawana by carrying a group of Doctors head on collision with a Van travelling to Baduraliya.



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