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Forces Rejected Stories On A Ceasfire With LTTE

Sri Lankan Army Spokesman Brigediar Udaya Nanayakkara today denies some International Media Reports about the government is declared a ceasfire with the LTTE in the No War Zone ."Sri Lankan Forces only halt by using heavy guns and Combat Air Crafts for the offensive launched in the No War Zone to prevent any Civilian Casualties Brigadier Nanayakkara said."Other then that Sri Lankan Government is not taken any decesion to going for a ceasfire with the LTTE" he stressed.
"The Humanitarian Mission to rescue the remained Civilians trapped in the No War Zone will continue" he said.
Meanwhile the LTTE announced a unilatteral ceasfire yesterday which was denied by the Sri Lankan Government. LTTE announced that that this ceasfire is declared as a requested by the Europen Union and some other Western Countries according to a statement issued by them on Sunday.
However responding to this announcement Sri Lankan Defense Secretery Gotabhaya Rajapaksha said that It was a j…