Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Forty Six HIV/AIDS Positives And Seven AIDS Deaths Reported During April-June

Forty six HIV/AIDS positives were reported from the island and  7 AIDS patients died during April-June this year according to National STD/AIDS Campaign sources.with this number a total number of 90 HIV/AIDS positives were reported this year and 16 AIDS Patients died during that period the sources added.

According to UNAIDS it is estimated that around 4200 adults and children in Sri Lanka are living with HIV/AIDS virus at present .the male to female ratio among the HIV Positives reported so far is 1.5:1 .since the first HIV/AIDS Positive was reported from the island in 1987 so far around 1739 HIV Positives were reported throughout the island.

Monday, July 29, 2013

GMOA To Complaint The President On Administrative Failure Of Health Ministry

Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) has decided to submit a detailed report on Administrative failure of the Health Ministry to the president Mahinda Rajapaksha according to GMOA sources.the general committee of the GMOA which met yesterday (28) had criticized the administrative failure of the ministry highlighting the ministry's failure to implement annual transfers of government doctors effectively.

GMOA has now preparing a detailed report on administrative failure of health ministry and the report will be hand over to the president during August the media spokesman of GMOA Dr.Naveen De Soyza has said.according to dr.soyza health ministry has not only failed to implement annual transfers of doctors in time but also fails to implement several important policies including national drug and health policies.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sri Lanka Freedom Party Has Rejected The Provincial Council Candidacy Of LTTE Media Spokesman Daya Master

The  Sri Lanka Freedom Party(SLFP) has rejected the application of former media spokesman of terrorist group LTTE ,Velayudam Dayanidi allias Daya Master to  contest  the forthcoming northern provincial council elections under the ruling coalition United Freedom Peoples Alliance(UPFA)according to the UPFA sources daya master not even received the membership of Sri Lanka Freedom Party although he has applied for the party's membership.

Meanwhile it has been reported that the Daya Master has inquired the higher authorities of SLFP on the rejection of his candidacy to contest forthcoming northern provincial council elections under the ruling coalition and the authorities are now discussing on the issue.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Two Mosquito Varities Eating Dengue Mosquito Larvae Found In Sri Lanka

Two varieties of Mosquitoes who are eating dengue mosquito larvae as their food were discovered by entomology assistant officers of Medical Research Institute(MRI),Colombo  after a year long research on them.the mosquitoes belongs to the  "Typomyia" mosquito variety were found firstly in Kalutara District and researchers say that these mosquitoes are not biting  humans and their main source of food is juices of trees including flowers .

According to a spokesman of Entomology Unit of Medical Research Institute, the researchers are preparing a plan to breeding  these two mosquito varieties naturally  in laboratory of MRI and release them to the environment to destroy dengue  mosquito larvae.for this researchers are expanding their research to find the ways of breeding these mosquitoes in large scale to combat dengue menace.

Withing this year researchers are hoping to breed these mosquitoes and release them to environment the spokesman has said.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

One Of The Popular Opposition Anti Corruption Speeker Crossed Over To The Government

One of the most popular opposition MP's who have criticized  corruption activities of government Dayasiri Jayasekera has been announced today(24) that he will  resigned from parliament and cross over to the government in view of contesting the forthcoming wayamba(north western) provincial council elections .addressing a packed press briefing in Colombo this noon mp dayasiri has said that he made this decision due to the unwillingness of main opposition united national party's leadership on coming  back to power .party leadership shattered the hopes and dreams of it's supporters he has stressed.

MP Dayasiri who is one of the popular parliamentary speakers revealed so many corrupt deals in state sector has said during the briefing that he will join with the hands of president mahinda rajapaksha to guide government victory in the forthcoming provincial council elections.

MP Dayasiri has reported as meet the president today to announced his decision.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Several Parked Vehicles Have been Damaged Due To The Fallen Trees.

Several parked vehicles have been damaged due to the fallen trees and branches in several places around Colombo City this morning as a result of the  the strong winds prevailed during that time according to the fire brigade.the vehicles were damaged near the Colombo National Hospital,De Seram Place,CR and FC Grounds,Reid Avenue,J.D Fernando Road in dematagoda and  several other areas.however authorities have removed the fallen trees and branches the brigade has stressed.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Business On Mixing Sleeping Tablets To Locally Made Liquor Toddy Has Been Revealed

The Investigations have revealed that the large consignment  of sleeping pills uncovered from a private pharmacy recently was meant to be used for manufacturing toddy (a locally made  liquor) according to Ministry Of Health.a consignment of sleeping pills worth rs.200,000 was recovered from a private pharmacy owner's house in Kosgama area during a raid carried out jointly by National Drugs Authority and Kosgama Police on last Friday.

According to National Drugs Authority the sleeping tablets were to mixed with toddy by a relative of the pharmacy owner.this has been revealed after the raid carried out in toddy distribution center in Kirindiwela area.an immediate investigation was launched after founding the consignment of sleeping tablets which can only be issued to the people under doctors prescription.

Meanwhile it has been revealed that the suspect who kept these sleeping tablets obtained them from a wholesale dealer in Colombo registered under the National Drugs Authority.Ministry of Health has already instructed to cancel the whole sale dealer's license with immediate effect and take legal action against him.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Patients Faced Severe Hardships Due To The Doctors Strike In Central Province

Thousands of patients in Central  Province were not able to received treatment today(19) due to the one day token strike launched by government hospital doctors in the province since this morning.government hospital doctors in central province launched the one day token strike opposing some statements made by governor of the Central Province Tikiri Kobbakaduwa over the doctors.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Sri Lankan Businessman Was Arrested In Katunayaka Air Port With Hidden Foreign Currencies

A Sri Lankan Businessman who is involved in motor spare parts business has been arrested by Katunayaka Air Port custom officers yesterday (15)night  as he tried to flee to Singapore by carrying 115,000 Euros and 21,000 Swiss Francs hidden  in his rectum custom officers have said.as custom officers suspected over the way the businessman was walking  they have arrested him and scanned him at negombo base hospital where the hidden money have been detected.

Muslim Congress To Contest Alone In Provincial Council Elections

The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress(SLMC) has decided to contest the forthcoming provincial council elections alone SLMC has announced today(16)Muslim Congress is due to contest the elections in Northern,Central and North Western provincial councils.

TNA Has Nominated Former Judge As Their Chief Ministerial Candidate For Northern Province

The Tamil National Alliance(TNA) has nominated former Supreme Court Judge  C.V Vigneshwaren as their chief ministerial candidate for the upcoming  northern provincial council election.TNA leader R.Sampanthan has announced this decision at his office today(15).

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Five Dental Cleaning Mechines In Maligawatta Dental Hospital Are Out Of Order Since Two Months

Five out of the six dental cleaning machines use in Maligawatta Dental Hospital were broken since two months caused hardships to many patients who got appointments for cleaning their teeth according to hospital sources.due to this situation awaiting list for cleaning teeth has expanded during last two months sources added.

Although informed on the situation health authorities still not able to repair the broken dental cleaning machines dental surgeons have said.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Health Trade Unions Appealed Authorities To Investigate On Low Quality Dextran-40 Saline

The Health Services Trade Union Alliance (HSTUA) has today appealed health authorities to investigate on the low quality "Dextran-40" saline bottles supplied to many government hospitals island wide while temporarily prohibited the using of them.HSTUA has few days a go revealed the details on importing of low quality Dextran-40 saline bottles contains white particles and by waste  to Sri Lanka from a Thai drug company.

Around 5000 Dextran-40 saline bottles were imported from Thailand on last February for the use of Dengue Patients-and other surgical patients.however few bottles contains white particles and by waste were found from  Kurunagala nd Homagama hospitals.although they seems to be in low quality health authorities still not taken any steps to testing them to ensure whether they are in low quality or not.

Private Bus Opeartors To Launch An Island Wide Continuous Strike From Midnight Tonight

The Lanka Private Bus Operators Association(LPBOA) has decided to launch an island wide continuous strike  from midnight today(10) by demanding several service demands including increasing   bus fares.meanwhile other private bus operators pledged that they will not participate for the strike.

However a large number of private bus owners belongs to the striking association Lanka Private Bus Operators Association .the president of LPBOA Gamunu Wijerathne has said that the bus strike will go ahead as planned as today's  talks on their demands with authorities have not produced any results.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Low Quality Dextran-40 Saline Bottles Were Distributed To Government Hospitals

The Low quality Dextran-40 Saline Bottles have been distributed among government hospitals island wide according to Health Services Trade Union Alliance(HSTUA).a large amount of by waste and white particles were found inside of several saline bottles the alliance has said.

The said saline is using mainly to treat dengue patients and patients with accidental injuries.

The dextran-40 saline bottles were imported from Thai drug company in February this year and 5000 saline bottles were imported as another 2900 bottles were in medical supplies division stores at that time  the president of HSTUA Saman ratnapriya has said during a press briefing held in Colombo today(08).

Ratnapriya has appealed the health authorities to investigate on this stock of low quality saline bottles and take a stern action against those who responsible for importing them.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

No Sri Lankans Among The Injured In Mahabodhi Temple Blasts In India

No Sri Lankans were among the injured in the multiple bomb blasts of Mahabodhi Temple in India's Bihar State this morning according to Sri Lankan High Commission in India.a Buddhist monk and a pilgrim have been rushed to the hospital due to the bomb blasts in Mahabodhi Temple in Buddagaya occurred early this morning.

There's No damage to the temple shrine as the exploded bombs were of low density according to the foreign media reports.police have been investigating to arrest the culprits who were responsible for the attacks reports further said.

Meanwhile while condemning the terrorist attack on Mahabodhi Temple in Buddhagaya Sri Lankan government has requested sri lankan pilgrims to avoid visiting the temple shrine during next week due to investigations carried over on today's blasts.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Police Arrested Two Persons Transporting Rare Origin Leaves

The Police Special Task Force in southern province has arrested two persons today (06) who have transporting a rare origin of  "vallapatta' leaves which use to make most expensive perfumes in western countries  .the stock of leaves the two suspects transported weighing 4 kilos and 900 gram mes and  worth rs.73,500 according to police.

Eleeven Railway Trade Unions To Launch A 48 Hour Strike Tomorrow

Eleven Railway Trade Unions have decided to launch a 48 hour rail strike from midnight tomorrow(07) by demanding few of their service demands including a pay hike according to Railways Professional Trade Union Alliance.

The 3 hour discussion  held yesterday on  railway trade unions demands ended without a proper solution the alliance has said.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Government Professions Supplementary To Medicine Are To Launch An Island Wide Work To Rule Campaign

The Professions Supplementary To Medicine(PSM'S) attach to government hospitals are to launch an island wide continuous work to rule campaign from next Tuesday (09) by demanding solutions for five of their service demands according to Joint Council Of Professions Supplementary To Medicine.

Government Hospital PSM'S are demanding solutions for five demands including recruiting unemployed PSM graduates to government hospitals and giving the delayed promotions of special grade PSM officers the Secretary  of  the Joint Council Of Professions Supplementary To Medicine saman jayasekera has said.

Meanwhile A meeting on PSM's demands is scheduled to be held next Monday (08)between health ministry secretary dr.nihal jayathilake and PSM union officials on their demands at the Health Ministry.if the talks failed to address their demands the trade union action will continue he has stressed

The PSM'S compromising pharmacists,radiographers,medical laboratory Technologists(MLT's),physiotherapists and occupational therapists are to participate this work to rule campaign.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sri Lankan Cricket To Inquire On Sri Lankan A Crickerter Who Tried To Open The Cabin Door Mistakenly During A Flight

The Sri Lankan Cricket Board has today (03) instructed the retired senior superintendent of police(SSP) Lakshman De Silva to conduct an inquiry in to the incident involved by Sri Lankan A Cricketer and son of cabinet minister Keheliya Rambukwella ,Ramith Rambukwella taken place inside British airways flight to London on Monday night.

Rambukwella has said to be attempted to open the cabin door of the plane by thinking it as a  toilet door when the flight was at 35,000feet high reports said.he was said to be under influence of liquor during the  incident . rambukwella who has a apologized passengers and flight crew later  over the incident which they  have accepted in faith.both local and foreign media were given a wide publicity in to this incident.

Monday, July 1, 2013

All Children Under The Age Of One Year Scheduled To Be Immunized With Extra Measles Vaccine

The Epidemiology Unit has declared this Friday(05) as a "Special Measles Vaccination Day" on immunizing children of the age group 06-12 months (one year) with an extra measles vaccine  to combat the measles epidemic currently prevails in the island.

According to the epidemiology unit around 600 children infected with measles were reported during first six months of this year and its  5 folds more than  the number of child measles patients reported during last year.out of this number 60%  of patients were less then one year old epidemiologists said.
"due to this situation we have decided to declare this special measles vaccine immunization day " a senior epidemiologist has said.

At present measles vaccine is given to the children completed one year as a combined vaccine MMR(Measles,Mums and Rubella) and it's coverage among local children stands as 99-100% .however due to some reason those who received the MMR Vaccine too have developed measles he has stressed.

The Epidemiology Unit Of Sri Lanka has appealed mothers to bring their infants age between 06 to 12 months to the nearest MOH office on this Friday and  vaccinate extra measles vaccine to avoid spreading measles among local child population.

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