Thursday, September 30, 2010

50,000 New TB Cases To Be Reported Within Next 5 Years

Medical Specialists said that during next five years 50,000 new Tuberculosis (TB) Cases will be reported from Sri Lanka.These new cases will be in the age group of 15-54 which can contributing much to the local economy they stressed.

According to the Health Sources 9118 Sri Lankans infected with TB last year and it has been estimated that 89 out of 100,000 population in Sri Lanka are infected with TB annually.One third of the Global Population and 35 percent of the South East Asian Population reported as infected with the disease.

President Approved The Imprisonment Of Former Army Commander General Fonseka

President Mahinda Rajapakshe yesterday (29)approved the Second Court Martial Verdict against the former Army Commander, Retired General Sarath Fonseka to sentenced him two and half years imprisonment.According to the Government sources President who returned to the island yesterday after attending the 65th UN Summit held  in New York sentenced him two and half years imprisonment a six month less then the Court Martial Verdict which is to sentenced General Fonseka three years of Imprisonment.

The Second Cort Martial sentenced the former Army Commander General Fonseka three years imprisonment on a charge that he was chaired the Tender Board which carried out the Purchasing of equipment to the Military while he was the Army Commander.He was earlier charged that he favored his son in law danuna thilakeratne's company the Hi cop in USA while offering the Military Equipment Tender.However the Lawyer representing the Government later denied that general Fonseka favoured his son in law during the Tender Procedings.

When the sentence implemented General Fonseka who is also a MP in the Natioanl Parliament will loose his Parliamentary Seat.According to the first Court Martial Sentence he lost his official residence,the pension entitled to his Army Commander post and the all rankings he hold while he was in Army Commander's position.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ministry Of Health To Take Legal Action Against Ilegal Drug Companies

l  Ministry Of Health has decided to take legal action against the Drug Companies which are supplying Drugs to the local market without getting registration from the  National Drug Authority.Ministry has already identified some Drug Companies who are selling their drugs through the Generic name not registerd in the Authortiy.

Sri Lankan Teanage Pregnancy Rate Is In Rise

It has been reported that the Pregnancy rate among teanage girls in Sri Lanka is 8 percent.These Pregnancies are one of the causes for the increase of illegal Abortions in Sri Lanka according to the Medical Specialists.

According to them more than 1000 illegal Abortions are performed throughout the Country daily and most of them are performed at illegal Abortion centres through the  non medical professionals.Most of the females who go to these centres for abortion ended up at Government and Private Hospitals for treetment due to the unhygenic equipments used for the Abortions which caused bleeding doctors stressed.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Rs.8 Billion Worth Gold Jewellery Belongs To Sri Lankan Financial Freudsters Found

The Criminal Investigations Unit(CID) today found Rs.8 Billion worth of undeclared Gold Jewelery deposited in a vault of a State Bank in Colombo belongs to the Ceylinco Group Chairman Lalith Kotelawela and his wife Cicily who are Business Tycoons involved in one of the largest Financial Frauds in Sri Lanka. Both Mr.Kotelawela and his wife are charged for cheating  thousands of depositors who saved millions of Rupees for higher interest rates  in the Golden Key Private Limited run by them.

Sri Lankan Epidemeologist Suggests Annual Dengue Symposium

Sri Lankan Epidemiologist Dr.Hasitha Thissera today suggested to held Annual Dengue Symposium in the view of reviewing the Dengue situation in the Country and to take measures to controlling the disease.Speaking at the Final day session of the 10th South East Asian Scientific Sessions of the International Epidemiology Association today Dr.thissera stressed the need to develop laboratory tests for the Dengue especially the Full Blood Count test.He also said  that the disease Dengue  is having a 50 year old history .

Health Minister To Reorganize The Health Ministry

Health Minister Maithrepala Sirisena said today that he decided to Reorganize the structure of the Health Ministry by  January Next Year.Speaking at an International  Seminar held in Hotel Ceylon Continental in Colombo today Minister said that he decided to reorganize the Ministry because  it's a need of the hour.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

1O9 Sri Lankans Die Daily Due To Heart Diseases And Stroke

As International Heart Day falls today it has been revealed that 109 Sri Lankans die daily due to the Heart Diseases and Stroke.According to the survey carried out by the Ministry Of Health 300-350 deaths occurred daily in Sri Lanka due to non communicable diseases and out from that number 109 deaths occurred due to these two diseases.

Meanwhile Sri Lankan National Stroke Association says that Diabetes,High Blood Pressure and Mental stress are the main causes for  getting Stroke and the Stroke is likely  to become the second highest killer disease  among Sri Lankans after Heart Diseases.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Chief Government Whip Informed The Parliament On Elections Commisioner's Retirement

Government Chief Whip Minister Dinesh Gunewardene today informed the Parliament that the Elections Commissioner Mr.Dayananda Dishanayake  will allowed to relinquish his duties soon .He also revealed that the Elections Commissioner has already retired from his post with the effect from 28th of January  2002 and he remained in his post up to now up on a request to stay till the Independent Elections Commission has set up under the proposed 17th Amendment to the Constitution.

Chief Government Whip also said that the proposed Independent Elections Commission will be set up soon under the 18th Amendment to the Constitution.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Opposition Parties Protested Against Blocking General Fonseka To Enter Parliament

Two opposition parties today protested  against the blocking  of the Former Army Commander and the leader  of Democratic National Alliance(DNA) MP Sarath Fonseka  by entering the Parliament  in second successive day.The Main  Opposition United National Party (UNP) and the Democratic National Alliance appealed from the Speaker Chamal Rajapaksha in Parliament today to take a necessary action on this.
 Speaker was promised them to take an action regarding  this soon.General Fonseka was not allowed to enter the Parliament yesterday too and the opposition charged that the Security Force is behind this act.

102 Essential Drugs And Injections Are Out Of Stock At Govt.Hospitals

Government Hospital Sources revealed today that around 102 essential Drug Items and Injections are out of stock at the Hospitals and the Medical Supplies Division at the moment.According to the sources Essential anti biotic  Injections Cefuroximine,Ceptacidine and Gendamicine are among the out of stock items.

Delays of the tender procedure adapted by the Health Officials in  Previous administration is found as the main cause behind this drug shortage.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ministry Of Health To Display Drug Prices In Front Of The Hospitals

Health Ministry has decided to display the Prices of an  Essential Drugs used in Government Hospitals in front of those Hospitals with the effect from 01st  of January next year.This aim to make patients and the Health Officials aware on the Prices of an essential Drug Items according to the Ministry Of Health.

Sri Lankan President Delivered His Speech At The United Nations

Delivering his Official speech at the 65th Session of the United Nations Assembly in New York today Sri Lankan  President Mahinda Rajapaksha has said that His Government defeated the most ruthless Terrorist Organization which terrorized the Civil Society few decades and now the Country is heading towards Development.President also stressed that Sri Lanka is hoping to enter amongst the Best 30 Business Countries in the World by the year 2014.

President further said that  Sri Lanka achieved  Most of the Millennium Development Goals set up by the United Nations Organization before the deadline.

Provincial Health Ministers Warned Shortage Of Doctors May Resulted The Closure Of More Than 18 Hospitals

Several Provincial Council Health Ministers today complained to the Health Minister Maithrepala Sirisena that more than 18 Provincial Council run Hospitals are to be shut down soon due to not having a Single Doctor.

Addressing a Provincial Health Minister's Forum held at the National Blood Centre in Narahenpita,Colombo this morning  the Provincial Health Minister of the North Central Province Pahala Wijerathna Bandara said that more than 10 Hospitals in his Province facing a shut down due to not having a single doctor and several other Hospitals in the Province are running through the Doctors attached to the Main Hospitals of the Province due to the lack of Doctors.

There is a severe shortage of other Medical Professionals too at the Provincial Hospitals he stressed.He also said that this situation occurred  due to the delay of approving the Cadre of Medical Professionals for  the Provincial Hospitals.Speaking in the occasion the Health Minister and the Chief Minister of the Southern Provincial Council Shan Wijayalal de Silva has said that 08 Hospitals in the Matara District of the Province also facing a shut down due to not having a single doctor.He also stressed that the Operation Theaters of the Alpitiya Base Hospital in the province which has developed with the cost of Rs.500 Million were shut down since sometime back due to the shortage of Medical Professionals.

The Provincial Health Ministers of the Sabaragamuwa and the Eastern Provincial Councils too made similar remarks on the Shortage of Medical Professionals of their Provincial Hospitals.

Meanwhile the Deputy Director General of Health Services (Medical Services)Dr.Wimal Jayantha has said that the present cadre of Doctors are enough to cater the needs of the Patient treatment in the Government Hospitals and out of the 16,171 Doctors needed for the year 2010 ,9577 doctors are to be recruited for the Provincial Council Hospitals.

At the Conclusion the Health Minister Maithrepala Sirisena has urged the Provincial Health Ministers to submit a detailed report on the shortage of Medical Professionals in their Hospitals by  07th of October.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Heavy Showers To Continue Another Two Days

The Department of Meteorology has announced today that the heavy showers prevails in the Country at present will continue  for another two days with Showers in the evenings.The cause of the Heavy showers is due to the disturbance in the Lower atmosphere according to the Met Department.

Sri Lankans Abroad To Protest For General Fonseka's Release

A series of protest rallies are to be held in three European Cities in coming days with the participation of Sri Lankans abroad to urge the Sri Lankan Government to release the imprisoned former Army Commander and the leader of the Democratic National Alliance(DNA)MP, Retired General Sarath Fonseka and the upholding of democratic principles in Sri Lanka  DNA has announced.According to the party sources the first of these rallies will be held in Milan in Italy on the 26th of September and the second one in Paris on 02nd of October and the third one in Rome on 03rd of October.

General Fonseka's daughter Apsara Fonseka,the DNA Parliamentarians Arjuna Ranathunge,Anura Kumara Dissanayake and Tiran Alles are due to participate these Rallies.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sri Lanka Muslim Congress To Remained In Opposition

Sri Lanka Muslim Congress(SLMC) today announced that they will remained in the Opposition despite the support they offered the Government to passed the much debated 18th Amendment recently.SLMC has further stated that their party will support the Government on the good moves taken which will be beneficial for the General masses.

Severe Drug Shortage Hit Cancer Hospital

More than twenty Essential Cancer Drugs including an expensive Intra Venus Injections are out of stock at the Colombo National Cancer Hospital these days as thousands of Cancer Patients getting treatment from the Hospital are suffering  due to this situation.Some of the essential Intra Venus Injections that are out of stock at the Cancer Hospital are very expensive and a vial of some of these injections costs between Rs.10,000 to Rs.15,000 in the Private Sector according to the Oncologists.

Doctors at the Cancer Hospital are recommending Cancer patients to buy these out of stock drugs from Private Pharmacies according to the Hospital Sources.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

DNA Apealed The Public To Protect Their Leader General Fonseka's Rights

As the Second Court Martial Found Former Army Commander Retired General Sarath Fonseka guilty for the charges on violating tender procedures when purchasing Military Equipments while he was in office The Wife of the Former Commander told media today that she will not accepted any Justice from the President regarding the Military Court's ruling over his husband.

Meanwhile the Democratic National Alliance(DNA) Leaders today appealed the Buddhist Clergy,Government and Non Governmental Organizations and the people to come forward and protect General Fonseka's rights.General Fonseka will face a maximum punishment of three years in Jail under the second court martial ruling.Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremasinha today appealed the President not to approve the Military Court Judgment on General Fonseka as it will affect the General's  Parliamentary rights.

UNP MP To Make Representations On Behalf Of General Fonseka

Opposition United National Party(UNP) MP Dr Jayalath Jayawardene is scheduled to make representations on behalf of the Imprisoned Former Army Commander and the leader of the Democratic National Alliance(DNA) Retired General Sarath Fonseka before the Human Right Committee for the Parliamentarians  of the Inter Parliamentary Union on 02nd of October in Geneva.

Dr.Jayawardene is invited to the Conference by the organizers.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Colombo Health Officials Destroyed 400 Killos Of Expired Dry Rations

The Officials of the Colombo Public Health Department destroyed 400 kilos of Expired Dried Rations including Tea,Anions,Dried Fish ,Dates  stored in  Trade stalls at the Manning Market in Colombo yesterday.The Officials were taken 86 Samples of suspected dry rations stored in 114 trade stalls for further tests.

Colombo Public Health Department is planning to take a legal action against 18 trade stalls of the Market which involved in selling  expired and contaminated Dry Rations to the public.

Sri Lankan Military And Chinese Govt.Conducting Two Investigations On The Explosion

Sri Lankan Military and the Chinese Government are conducting two separate Investigations on the Explosion occurred near the Karadiyanaru Police Station yesterday.The explosion which believed to be killed more than sixty people including two Chinese Nationals is reported as an accidental one.

Chinese Ambassador along with few of the Chinese officials of the Chinese Embassy in Colombo visited the blast site yesterday afternoon to get an clear idea on the incident.Three Explosive container trucks exploded which parked near the Karadiyanaru Police Station for safety yesterday morning when two Chinese Officials came from a cab trying to remove some  explosives from a container in one truck.Then the container exploded and as a result other trucks too got exploded.

Friday, September 17, 2010

More Than Sixty People Including Chinese Nationals Killed Due To An Explosion In The East

More then sixty  people including  few chinese nationals were killed and dozens injured when three container trucks with explosives parked near the karadiyanaru police station were exploded this noon.The exploded container trucks belongs to the chinese construction company and brought for Highway construction work according to the government sources.
Injured were hospitalized and four of the injured were transferred to the Accident Service of the Colombo National Hospital.The cause of the explosion reported as an accidental one according to the available sources.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Study Shows More Than 80 Percent Of Sri Lankan Females And Males Are Fast Food Addicts

The newest study conducted by the Ministry of Health has  revealed 83 percent of the Females and 81 percent of the Males in Sri Lanka are addicted to Fast Foods.According to the Additional Secretary(Medical Services) to the Ministry Dr.Palitha Mahipala there is a great risk of developing Stroke amongst these Fast Food Addicts and there are signs that the Stroke is to become the second largest cause of the Deaths occurred in the country.

According to the Dr.Mahipala 11 percent of the Annual Deaths in Sri Lanka is caused by the Stroke and the people who affected with the disease are contributing heavily to the economic development of the country.Ministry of Health has identified the age group 18-65 as the most vulnerable group for getting Stroke.Around 25 percent of this age group addicted to smoking and 26 percent addicted to liquor.Another 20 percent is having overweight which may lead to stroke in future Ministry has said.

Management of Stroke and reducing the consumption of Fast Foods as well as screening the risky people for Stroke test are the methods that can be implemented to combat the Stroke according to the Medical Specialists.

Meanwhile the Chairperson of the Sri Lanka Stroke Society Dr.Padma Gunaratne said that the Programme implemented to prevent Stroke In Sri Lanka has earned the first place amongst the other countries in the world.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

GMOA Questioned The Quality Of Foreign Medical Graduates

Out of 227 Foreign Medical Graduates who failed to pass the Act 16 Examination in recent months which is must for the Foreign Medical Graduates 6 are without Advanced leval qualification and 12 persons not having a Single Credit Pass in their Advanced Level Examination the Vice President of the Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) Dr.Anurudda Padeniya said today.

Addressing a Media Briefing at the GMOA Headquarters in Colombo Dr.Padeniya has said that due to this situation the Sri Lanka Medical Council(SLMC) has ruled that in future all Sri Lankan Students who are applying for Foreign Medical Faculties should have atleast three C,B or A Passes for the Subjects Physics,Maths,Biology and Chemistry.

He also said that there is a large comparison on the Medical Knowledge and the quality of the  Local Medical Students when compared to the Foreign Medical Graduates and the Authorities are trying to abolish the Act 16 examination of the the foreign medical  Graduates to  enable them to recruit for the Government Hospitals directly.

Shanties In Colombo City Becomes The Distribution Center Of TB To The Nation?

Health Minister Maithrepala Sirisena has said that the Shanties and the temporary huts located in the City of Colombo are became the distribution center of the diseasse Tuberculosis(TB) to the whole country.Minister has said that due to this situation it will become hard to eradicate the Tuberculosis known as TB from the Island.

He made these remarks at the South East Asian Tuberculosis Eradication Programme held in Colombo Yesterday.

Emergancy Drug Purchases To Be Restricted From Next March

Purchasing of Emergancy Drug Items for the Government Hospitals from Private Pharmacies reduced to 1 percent with the effect from Next March Health Minister Maithrepala Sirisena has announced today.Under the new restriction 99 percent of the Total Drug Supply for the Government Hospitals should be purchased through the normal tender procedure and the Emergancy Purchases popularly known as Local Purchases will be allow only if there is an urgent case Minister stressed.

According to the Health Minister this new restriction come in to effect to reduce the large sum of money spend for Local Pharmecies to buy higher price drugs under the label of an Emergancy Purchases.The Annual Audit Report of the State Pharmaceuticals Corporation IN 2008 has stated that the Expenditure on Emergancy Drug Purchases of the Corporation is higher then purchasing the Drugs through the normal Tender Procedure Minister has stated.

Not only the Government Hospitals the Medical Supplies Division and the State Pharmaceuticls Corporation too purchased the Drugs under the Emergancy Purchasing system during last few years spending large sum of Money he further added.Health Minister has revealed this at the Awards Ceremony organized for the Reproductive Journalists held in Health Education Bureau today.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Two UNP MP's Crossed Over To The Government Lost Their Party Membership

The Party membership of two senior United National Party MP's who Crossed over to the Government to support the 18th Consttitutional Amendment are cancelled the UNP Leader Ranil Wickremasinha has announced short while ago.According to the UNP Leader MP's Lakshamn Senevirathna who is also the assistant secretary of the Party and  Earl Gunesekera lost their party membership due to their cross over.

The disciplinary action against the four other UNP MP'S is due to take shortly UNP Leader said.

Monday, September 13, 2010

UNP Working Commitee To Meet On This Saturday To Decide Party Convention

The working Commitee of the main opposition United National Party(UNP) is to meet this Saturday(18) to decide the date for the next Party Convention to discuss on the proposed Party Reforms UNP Media Spokesman Gyantha Karunathilake told this morning.

Addressing a Press briefing he has accepted that there is a delay of Implementing the Party Reforms.He further said that neither the Party leader Ranil Wickramasinha or Chief Opposition Whip received any letter from UNP Parliamentarians regarding sitting in Parliament as Independant Members as stated in Media Reports.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Twenty Five UNP MP's To Act Independantly

Twenty Five MP's belongs to the Main Opposition United National Party(UNP) will sit down in Parliament as an Independent Group if the UNP Leadership not taken any measures to solve the Leadership crisis of the Party within next weak UNP MP Dayasiri Jayasekere has warned.According to the MP Jayasekere The Group of 25 UNP MP's will act as an Independent group if the party leadership turned blind eye on their demand and stressed the group will not support the Government at this stage at any cost.

The Group of Parliamentarians also urged the UNP Leader Ranil Wickramasinha to appoint the Hambanthota District MP Sajith Premedasa as the UNP Leader and created a Senior Partly leader post withing the Party for him.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Cuban Made BTI Bacteria Arrived

A Ship  carrying Ten Thousand liters of  Cuban Made BTI Bacteria arrived in Colombo Harbor this morning according to the Health Ministry sources.This Bacteria is scheduled to be testify at a selected place in Kandy during next weak before  using it for the National Dengue Control Programme.BTI Bacteria is used to destroy the Dengue Mosquito Larvae .

A spokesman to the Ministry of Health says that this Cuban Made BTI Bacteria will be introduced to the National Dengue Control Programme if it proves successful during the trial along with the locally made BTI Bacteria.Meanwhile the Locally made BTI Bacteria already confirmed as successful after it used for a trial last weak.A test report on local Bacteria is scheduled  to be hand over to  the Director of the Anti Malaria Campaign tomorrow by the researchers attached to the Medical Research Institute(MRI).The report will handover to the Health Minister by next Monday.

160,000 Non Esssential Syringer Needles Expired At The Government Stores

Medical Supplies Division(MSD) removed 160,000 expired Hypordermic Syringer Needles belongs to 24 G Type which expired within the MSD Stores it has been revealed.According to the Government Hospitals Sources these Syringer Needles are used in low quantity at these Hospitals and branded them as Non Essential Surgical Item.

This stock of Needles which are imported more then the required amount was expired on last February according to the MSD Sources.

 The previous Administration of the Medical Supplies Division imported around 3.6 Million Syringer Needles this kind to the Government Hospitals through the State Pharmaceuticals Corporation and stored in the Supplies Division Stores according to the Sources.As these Needles branded as non essential Item for the Government Hospitals medical experts raised the question why the Supplies Division stored a Stock of these Needles sufficient for 39 Month Period as the Space of the stores narrowing due to this stock to store essential Drug Items.

Bakers Association To Increase The Price Of Bread

Sri Lanka Bakers Association warns that the price of a Loaf of Bread  will goes up by Rs.3 due to the higher cost they have to pay to buy 50 Killo Wheet Flour Bag.The Association said that the Government has reduced the Rs.225 Concession offered for them when buying 50 Killo Wheet Flour Bag by reducing it to Rs.75.Therefore the Price of the  Killo of Wheet Flour increased by Rs.3 and need to increase the Bread price due to the situation the Association stressed.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mervyn Re Appointed For The Deputy Minister Post

Former Deputy Highways Minister Mervyn Silva who was charged for tying a Government Servant To a Tree weak's ago is re appointed for the Post short while ago Government has announced.The Deputy Minister was free from the charges leveled against him when he appeared before an Inquiry Committee appointed by the President.

President removed the Deputy Minister 's Portfolio and the post of the Party Organizer soon after he was charged for harassing the Government Servant.

UNP Suspended The Party Membership Of Six MP's Crossed Over To The Govt.

The Main Opposition UNP has decided to suspend the party membership of Six of their MP's who were crossed over to the Government Bench this evening and voted in favor of the 18th Amendment.UNP Working Committee is to meat soon and decide the disciplinary action against the Six MP's Lakshaman Seneviratne,Earl Gunesekere,Upeksha Swarnmalee,Nimal Wijesinha,Abdul Carder and Manusha Nanayakkare most probably  the cancellation of their Party Membership

18Th Amendment Passed With More Then Two Thirds Majority

Much debated 18th Constitutional Amendment was passed with more then two thirds majority at the Parliament this evening at the time  the Main Opposition United National Party Parliamentarians boycotted the house proceedings.One hundred sixty one votes received in favor of the Amendment while Seventeen voted against.

Besides the One hundred Forty four Government MP's Sixteen Opposition Members including of Six UNP and Eight Sri Lanka Muslim Congress MP's were voted in favor of the Amendment.

The salient feature of today's Parliamentary debate on the Amendment was the cross over of the Six UNP Parliamentarians to the Government Bench just few hours before the voting take place.The Cross Over MP's were Lakshman Senevirathne,Earl Gunesekere,Actress Upeksha Swarnamalee,Manusha Nanayakkare,Abdul Carder and Nimal Wijesinha.Earlier they stated that they will supported the Government to pass the Amendment while remain in the Party.

The Passed Amendment now scheduled to be gazetted soon to become a law.

Main Opposition Party Boycotted The Debate On The Amendment

As the Government says they are having the support of at least around 160 MP's to pass the 18th Amendment including 16 of the Opposition MP's, the main Opposition UNP has decided to boycott the Parliament session today as a mark to opposing the proposed Amendment.The majority of the UNP MP's boycotted the proceedings this morning and participated the street protest organized against the Amendment.

Meanwhile adding fuel to the Government the popular tele drama acctress Upeksha Swarnamali popularly known here as Paba who got elected from the opposition UNP yesterday meet the president and expressed her support to the Government on the Amendment.

18th Amendment Presented To The Parliament

The 18th Constitutional Amendment was presented to the Parliament by the Government this morning despite the Strong opposition  of the Opposition Parties.The Amendment which removes the restriction imposed by the present Constitution(1978 Constitution) towards   President  which says a President only able to  hold the post  twice.The Appointments,Transfers and removals of the Government Service earlier vested to the Public Service Commission now vested to the President and the Cabinet under the new Amendment.

Main Opposition  United National Party(UNP) and Janatha Wimukthi Peramuna(JVP) along with Democratic people's Alliance and the Tamil National Alliance decided to act aginst the Amendment saying it is an unconstitutional and pave a way to dictatorship.

Meanwhile majority of the main Opposition UNP Parliamentarians launched a Street Protest from their Headquaarters Sirikotha to the Parliamentary premises this eve and faced a road block from t he Police on their way.Opposition leftist party JVP along with Democratic people's Alliance and the Tamil National Alliance are decided to participate the debate on the proposed Amendment which is now proceeding at the Parliament.The Voting for the Amendment is scheduled to held around 7 P.M Sri Lankan time and two third majority is needed to passed the Amendment as recommended by the Supreme Court.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

18th Amendment Introduced To The Parliament

The Much debated 18th Amendment was introduced to the House as an emergancy Act by the Prime Minister D.M Jayaratna this morning despite the protests of the Opposition MP's.Speaker Chamal Rajapaksha announced the Supreme Court Judgment on the Amendment to the parliament which says that the Amendment is prepared according to the Constitution

While announcing the decision Supreme Court also stated that the two third majority is enough to pass the proposed Amendment and there's no need for a referrendum to seek people's madate for it.

Government last weak handedover the proposed amendment to the Supreme Court to check it's validity with the Constitution.The amendment is to take for a debate tomorrow morning and voting is scheduled to be held in the evening..

Monday, September 6, 2010

While A Section Of Buddhist Clergy Opposing The Amendment Few Unper's To Support It

As the much  debated 18th Constitutional Amendment is to be  presented to the Parliament in two days time a section of Buddhist Clergy clearly opposing the Amendment as the Government planned to pass the Amendment as an emergency Act.

Even some of the Chief Incumbents clearly stated that this is a great threat to the Democracy of the Country.Meanwhile the Opposition MP's who supported the Amendment said another Five MP's of the Main Opposition United National Party(UNP) will vote with the Government when the voting is held on Wednesday.

TNA To Vote Against The Amendment

Tamil National Alliance(TNA) today decided to vote against the 18th Amendment which is to be presented to the Parliament in this Wednesday.TNA said the main reason behind their decision is that the proposed Amendment affects the rights of Minorities in the Country.

Government Leftist Parties To Support The 18th Amendment

The leftist Parties attached to the Government decided today to vote for the proposed 18th Amendment on 08th of September despite of some  disagreements they have on the Amendment.Earlier the leader of the Democratic Leftist Movement Vasudeva Nanayakkara stressed his party is opposing the proposed Amendment.

President To Continue Contesting Elections Till Forwarding A Strong Opposition Candidate

President Mahinda Rajapaksha told the Media heads this evening that he will contest for the Future Presidential Elections till the Opposition has forwarded a Strong Candidate against him.Addressing a special briefing for the Media Heads held at Temple Trees President stressed that there will be not much opposition for the proposed 18th Amendment.

Leftist Parties To Announced Their Decision On 18th Amendment Today

Leftist Parties are due to announced their decision on whether to support or oppose the 18th Constitutional Amendment today.According to the Leader of the Democratic Leftist Movement Vasudeva Nanayakkara his Party and the Lanka Samasamaja Party (LSSP) attached to the Governing Party already have decided their cause of action and the Communist Party attached to the Government is due to announced their decision today.

The decision of the Tamil National Alliance is also scheduled to be announced today.The Parliamentary Debate and the voting on the proposed 18th Amendment is due to held in this Wednesday(08).

Friday, September 3, 2010

Opposition Leader Off To India

Opposition Leader Ranil Wickramasinha yesterday arrived Chennai India to meat the South Indian Politicians.Opposition Leader is to stay in India two days.

Four UNP Parliamentarians To Loose Their Party Membership

The main opposition UNP has decided to remove four of their Parliamentarians due to expressed their support on the 18th Amendment proposed by the Government.UNP General Secretary Tissa Attanayake announced yesterday that the Party has decided to removed UNP Parliamentarians Lakshamn Senevirathna,Earl Gunesekaera,Manusha Nanayakkara and Abdul Carder.According to the Secretary this action will taken according to the decision taken at the recently concluded Working Committee M eating of the Party.

UNP already decided to take disciplinary action against the Party members who are going to vote with the Government when the 18th Amendment presented to the Parliament on 08th of this month.

Main Opposition With Leftist Parties Formed A Movement Against The 18th Amendment

A group of Main Opposition United National Party(UNP) joined with Several Leftist parties to form a Movement Against the 18th Amendment .The Movement is decided to hold a Protest Campaign infront of the Borella Junction on 08th of September the day the proposed 18th Amendment is taking into debate in Parliament.The Movement against the 18th Amendment announced the 08th of September as Back Day.

Three Opposition Members To Support Government To Passed The 18th Amendment

Bringing the Opposition into chaos  Three  Parliamentarians of the main opposition United National party(UNP) yesterday  pledged their support to the Government to pass the much debated 18th Amendment to the Constitution when it presented to the Parliament on 08th of September.The Parliamentarians Deputy Chairmen of The UNP elected from Badulla District Lakshman Senevirathna,Pollonnaruwa District MP Earl Gunesekera,and Galle District MP Manusha Nanayakkara were announced that they will vote with the Government to passed the 18th Amendment to the Constitution which allows to removed the restrictions imposed by the present Constitution towards a President cannot contest for the Presidency more then two occasions.

Main Opposition UNP already decided to vote against the Amendment along with the leftist Janatha Wimukthi Peramuna(JVP).

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Using Of Locally Made BTI Bacteria To Destroy Dengue Mosquito Larvae Bagan

Using of Much waited locally made BTI Bacteria to destroy Dengue Mosquito larvae began today at Pre Cast Yard of the State Engineering Corporation at Colombo with the presense of Health Minister Maithrepala Sirisena.At the event the Locally made BTI Bacteria was used to destroy Dengue Mosquito larvae bread in the place.

According to the Ministry Of Health it spends Rs.4 million to purchase 15,000 litres of BTI Bacteria from the Industrial Technology Institute in Colombo where the Bacteria has developed and plan to use the Bacteria in the selected areas throughout the Island.

Speaking at the Occasion Dr.Radhika Samarasekere who developed the BTI Bacteria by using the technology used by Cuba to produce the same Bacteria said according the Two Projects done by her using the Bacteria to destroy Dengue Mosquito Larvae proved succesful and she has no doubt that using it to the Dengue breeding place will make positive results.

Health Minister Maithrepala Sirisena who was present at the occasion said the using of the locally made Bacteria to curb Dengue menace is a Historical Event as it is a Local product.

Shell Gas Reduced Their Gas Price

One of the two Gas Comapnies functioning in Sri Lanka the laugfgas reduced the price of their 12.5 KG Gas cylinder by Rs.46 wuth the effect from midnight Yesterday(31).According to the price reduction the Laugfs Gas cylinder price now stands as Rs.1593.The Most used Gas Cylinder of 12.5 KG Shell Gas price remains as Rs.1692.

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