Sunday, September 18, 2016


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A Female Has Died By Fallen Down From A Motor Bike At Katugasthota

Image result for accident graphicA female has died by fallen to the ground  from a back seat of a running Motor Bicycle at Kalugalle in Katugasthota area yesterday(18).

The deceased female had fell to sleep and fallen to the ground while travelling with her son who was riding the Motor Bicycle.After she had fallen to the ground  her son lost the control of the bike and it turned up side down on the road  according to the Police.

Police have arrested the son of the deceased regarding the accident and after produced before the Kandy Magistrate he had been released on a personal bail of Rs.100,000.


Pussallawa Police OIC Has Been Transferred Regarding A Suicide Incident

Image result for sri lanka police logoThe OIC of the Pussallawa Police Station has been temporarily transferred to the Gampola Police Station today (18)  regarding the suicide of a suspect who was under the detention of Pussallawa Police.

Earlier a Sub Inspector and  Police Constable attached to the pussallawa Police Station have been suspended from their services over the suicide incident.

A thirty year old suspect who was detained by the Pussallawa Police on a warrant had committed suicide inside  the police cell early this morning .

Ratnapura Police Headquarters Had Arrested A Mahout Who Harassed The Elephant To Go On Rampage

Ratnapura  Police Headquarters had today (18)arrested a mahout on the charges of harassing an Elephant who was due to participate the Saman Devala Procession (Perahera)  last Friday (16) just before the start of the procession which made the Elephant go on rampage.

After being produced before the acting Magistrate in Ratnapura the suspect has been remanded until 28th of September.

The arrested mahout harassed the Elephant under the influence of liquor it has been revealed  at the investigations carried out by the Police .

A female was killed and twelve others injured and hospitalized due to the rampage of the Elephant.


Navy Have Arrested A Person With 8 Kilo Grammes Of Kerala Cannabis At Kandana

Navy Personal had arrested a person while transporting 8 Kilo Grammes of kerala cannabis in Kandana (Colombo) today (18).

The Navy Personal had arrested the suspect along with the haul of kerala cannabis with the assistance of Mahabage Police officers.

The suspect along with the haul of kerala cannabis had  handed over to the Mahabage Police for future course of action the Navy have stated.

Twelve School Children Who Are Reported As Missing At Horton Plains Had Been Found

Twelve  school children who are reported as missing at Horton Plains ("Worlds End) since yesterday evening had been found today (18 ) according to the Police.

The school children who are residents of Kolonnawa in Colombo had been reported as missing after they have strandard at the plains after losing their way .

The Army and Police have recovered them through a joint search operation it has been reported.


Authorities Have Suspended The Services Of A Sub Inspector And A Police Constable Over A Suicide Of A Suspect

The authorities have today(18) suspended the services of a sub inspector and a police constable attached to the pussallawa police over a suicide of a suspect in police  custody.

The 30 year old suspect who was arrested and detained by the police over a warrent issued against him has been reported as committed suicide by hanging himself from the shirt he was wearing inside the police cell early this morning.

The suicide victim had succumbed to his injuries on admission to the pussallawa hospital.

A Youth Was Killed And Another Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Car-Bicycle Collision At Gonapinuwala

A youth was killed and another youth crtically injured and hospitalized following a speeding sports car collided with the bicycle they were travelling in at Gonapinuwala Area  in Hikkaduwa (Southern Province) last night.

The 27 and 28 years old  youths who met with the accident were admitted to the Karapitiya Hospital but the 27 year old had succumbed to his injuries on admission to the hospital.

The driver of the car has been identified as 17 year old Kanishka Abeygunawardena who is the nephew of Joint Opposition MP Rohitha Abeygunawardena and he has been reported as under the influence of liqour at the time of the accident and do not have a driving licence.

One out the five persons in the sports car has also injured due to the accident and hospitalized it has been reported.

Thelikada Police have arrested the driver of the car last night and after being produced before the Baddegama Magistrate Court he has been remanded until tomorrow (19).

President Had Left For New York To Attend UN General Assembly

President Maithripala Sirisena accompanied by twenty member Sri Lankan delegation had left for New York this morning to attend the 71st General Assembly of the United Nations due to be held from 19th to 26th of September.

President is due to address the UN General Assembly on 21st of September (Wednesday).

Around 3300 Broiler Chicks Had Been Burnt To Death Due To A Fire In Galnawa Area

Around 3300 broiler chicks had been burnt to death due to a sudden fire erupted at a poultry farm at Galnawa Area(North Central Province) according to a complaint received by the Galnawa Police.

The dead chicks were just seven days old the complainant has stated.


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