Sunday, February 28, 2016


Rat Population In Colombo City Is On The Increase-Urban Council

According to a survey carried out by Colombo Urban Council the Rat Population in the City Of Colombo is  increasing rapidly  according to Urban Council Authorities.Due to this situation there's a threat of spreading diseases related to rats in the city authorities  warned.

Fort,Maradana and Borella are identified as the places in Colombo City  where the Rat Population increasing  rapidly at present authorities have said.

There's a Programme implemented by Colombo Urban Council providing free service to destroy rats based in houses and institutions and the residents living  within Colombo City Limits can get this  service by dialing 0112 593 550 the Urban Council has announced.


Government Leaders Are Delaying Giving Employment Opportunities For Unemployed Graduates-Unemployed Graduates Union

Government Leaders are continuously delaying giving employment opportunities for unemployed graduates by citing various reasons according to Unemployed Graduates Union.

The Union has stated through a press release that although 13 days have now completed for the continuous "Satyagraha" Campaign launched in Colombo by  a group of Unemployed Graduates demanding employment for all unemployed graduates and preparing an annual scheme for recruiting unemployed graduates for employment, government still not able to respond the  request positively,

No programme has been implemented in the country  to recruit unemployed graduates for  employment since 31st of March 2012 the Unemployed Graduates Union has said.

Leftist Leader Dr.Karunaratne Has Received Rs.6 Million Compensation From Government For Loosing His Job

One of the leftist leaders of the Country the New Socialist Party (NSSP) Leader Dr.Wikramabahu Karunaratne who had lost his job in 1982 under the then United National Party(UNP) Government has received a compensation of Rs.6 Million from the present government according to Dr.Karunaratne.

NSSP Leader Dr.Wikramabahu Karunaratne has lost his Senior Lecturer Post which he held at  University Of Peradeniya in 1982 due to the anti government protests he led at that time.He was not employed since then and he appealed from past governments to pay him a compensation with salary arrears for his removal from the  job .

Per the request made to the President Maithripala Sirisena ,present government has taken steps to pay a compensation of Rs.6 million with salary arrears to him it has been revealed.


Collecting Public Views For The Proposed New Constitutional Amendments Is Due To Be Concluded Tomorrow(29)

Collecting  Public Views for the proposed New Constitutional Amendments is due to be concluded by tomorrow(29) according to the Government.

The Programme to collecting  Public Views for the proposed New Constitutional Amendments commenced on 01st of February throughout the Island by covering all the Districts.Under the final phase of the Programme Public Views are collecting  from the people in Ampara and Ratnapura Districts tomorrow(29) according to the Government.

The People in Colombo District will get an another opportunity to express their views on Constitutional Amendments at the end of next month Government Sources have said.

During the Programme Public had seen express their views on the amendments with great interest sources have further said.


Two Treassure Hunters Had Arrested With Equipment At Girandurukotte

The Girandurukotte (In Uva Province)Police had today(28) arrested Two Persons who had allegedly involved in an illegal excavation to recover a treasure at Galporuyaya in  Girandurukotte Area.

Several Equipment  which used for an illegal excavation  by the two suspects and Religious Goods had also taken into custody by the Police.

The detained suspects are residents of Galporuyaya Area and they are due to produce before Mahiyanganaya Magistrate Court tomorrow(29).

Two Police Officers Had Faced An Acid Attack And Hospitalized During A Raid At Weerakatiya

Two Police Officers attached to Walasmulla(In Southern Province) Police Station had received injuries to their face,neck and chest today(28)due to an Acid Attack on them during a raid by a woman whose  husband police wanted to arrest.

The Two Police Officers ,a Sergeant and a Constable attached to Walasmulla Police Station had faced this acid attack and they were admitted to the Walasmulla Hospital for treatment according to Police.

The two injured officers had faced this acid attack when they arrived at a house  at Wekandawala in Weeraketiya(In Southern Province) to arrest a person who had received an arrest warrant regarding an incident.At that time the son of the accused person has tried to physically abuse the police officers and  after the officers  avoided the attack the wife of the accused had thrown an acid bottle on them according to Police.

The woman who had thrown acid on police officers and her son have been arrested by the  Walasmulla Police regarding the acid attack.


The Persons Responsible For Rugger Player Thajudeen's Murder Will Face Punishment-Deputy Minister Ajith Perera

Those who are responsible for the murder of Sri Lankan Rugger Player Wasim Thajudeen will face punishment in near  future for the crime they done the Deputy Minister of Power And Renewable Energy Ajith.P.Perera has said today(28).

Thajudeen's death has been revealed as a murder according to the information received the Deputy Minister has told this  during a meeting held at Kalutara today.

The Colombo Magistrate Court has last Thursday(25) ordered the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) to arrest those who are responsible for Rugger Player Thajudeen's death.

National Police Commission Has Temporarily Suspended The Promotions Of All Police Officers

Image result for police commission of sri lankaThe National Police Commission has decided to temporarily suspend all the promotions of Police Officers with immediate effect.

According to the secretary of National Police Commission Ariyadasa Cooray this decision has been taken in view of preparations of making a new method for Police Officer's Promotions.The Police Commission has decided to make a new method for promotions by correcting the lapses of current promotions system he has said.

A new committee has been appointed to make the new method for promotions of police officers and  members of the committee are due to be appointed withing  coming week the Secretary of the Police Commission has further said.

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