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New Faces Elected For The Sri Lankan Parliament As Several Former MP'S Defeated

New Faces including Actresses,Sportsman and Former Army Commander Imprisoned Retired General Sarath Fonseka were Elected  to the New Parliament with large number of Preferential Votes in the just concluded General Elections of Sri Lanka which has a low voter turn out.When these new faces entered to the Parliament few of the Former parliamentarians in the Government and Opposition Parties in including the former Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama and Justice Minister Milinda Moragoda were defeated due to lack of Preferential Votes they had received. President Mahinda Rajapaksha's son Namal Rajapaksha who was contested from the President's native Hambanthota District too got elected as a Parliamentarian.

The Imprisoned Former Army Commander Retired General Sarath Fonseka got elected to the Parliament from Colombo District with 98,456 Votes.He was contested under the Democratic National Alliance ticket.The Famous Tele Drama Star of Sri Lanka Upeksha Swarnamali who was contested…