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New Land Area Of Colombo Has Increased By 474.5 Hectares According To A New Colombo Map

The land area of the City of Colombo has increased by 474.5 Hectares according to the new map of Colombo compiled and officially  issued by the Government Survey Department today(31) at the Department office in Narahenpita.

The new map with the details of Colombo Port City,Expressways and other Development Projects was handed over to the Minister of Land And Parliamentary Affairs Gayantha Karunathilake by the Surveyor General P.M.P Udayakantha at the Department office.

The new map of Sri Lanka is currently under preparation at the Survey Department is scheduled to be issued by end of this year.72 sections out of the 92 sections in the new map have been already completed the Department has stated.

Popular Dog "Kora "Attached To Hatton Police Died Due To A Cancer

The Popular Police Dog attached to the

Dog Unit of the Hatton Police Division " Kora" who helped the Hatton Police officers to arrest the criminals of the area ,  has died last Tuesday(29) due to a cancer while taking him to Asgiriya ,Kandy for a training it has been reported.

The doctors attached to the Veterinary Unit of the University of Peradeniya have confirmed that the Dog "Kora"who had served the Police more than three years has doed due to to a Cancer.

Kora had helped the Hatton Police to arrest seversl criminals as we as the persons went to worship 'Sripadha" with narcotics.

His fineral was held amidst a large gathering of Police Officers in Hatton with religious  observences.

An Army Soldier Was Arrested Over Sexual Molestation Of A Girl

Naula Police have today(31)arrested a
24 year old Army Soldier over sexually molesting a a girl studying at  grade six of a Junior school at Hapugasyaya village in Naula yesterday(30).

The Suspect who is attached to the Gajaba Regiment of the Army had abducted and sexually molested  the girl who is studying in Grade six af a Junior School in Hapugasyaya village while the girl was on the way to school.

The suspect was arrested as per a complaint made by the mother of the victim.

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Manhattanhenge': Photographers flock to capture solar phenomenon


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Three Persons Were Sentenced To Death Over A Murder In 2003

Related imageGalle High Court has today (31)sentenced three persons to death over a murder at  Bussa,Galle in January 2003 .

Two of the accused belongs to a same family it has been reported.



Water Supply To Eleven Areas Around Kelaniya To Be Suspended For 12 Hours

Related imageWater supply to the Eleven areas around Kelaniya due to be suspended  for 12 hour period  from 7 p.m tomorrow(01) to 7 a.m the day after (02) as a result of a sudden repair work of the South Kelani Bank Water Drainage System the National Water Supplies And Drainage Board has announced.

Accordingly water supply to Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabha rea,Wattala and Paliyagoda Pradeshiya sabha areas,Dompe,Wattala,Mahara,Biyagama,Ja Ela Pradeshiya Sabha areas ,Ja Ela-Katunayake and Seeduwa Urban council areas and Gampaha Pradeshiya Sabha areas will be suspended.


Government To Call Unemployed Graduates For Job Trainng Interviews

Image result for unemployed graduatesGovernment has decided to invite all the unemployed Graduates under 45 years for the interviews in view of providing them Employment in Government Sector according to sources.

Accordingly these Unemployed Graduates will receive Development Officer posts in the Government .

Cabinet has approved a proposal made by the Prime Minister Ranil Wikramsadinghe as the Minister of National Policies and Economic Affairs to implement the  Unemployed Graduate Training Programme and to recruit the graduates who are completing the training as Development Officers to the Government Sector as Development Officers.

Accordingly 5000 Unemployed Graduates are due to be invited for the interviews in this July and another batch of 15,000 Unemployed Graduates will be invited for the interviews in this September.These Graduates will receive Rs.20,000 allowance during the training period it has been raveled.

Proposed Influenza Vaccine To Be Issued To The Government Hospitals Only If The Relevant Authorities Approved It -Health Minister

Image result for influenza vaccineThe proposed Influenza vaccine for the patients  suffering from "Influenza " which is spreading Southern Province will be issued only if the Committee comprising of Influenza Vaccine Specialists and the National Drug Regulatory Authority approved the Vaccine ,Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne has stated today(31).

Addressing the Provincial Health Minister's Conference held at the National Blood Transfusion Services Center in Narahenpita today(31) Minister has stated that he cannot take popular decisions like issuing the proposed Influenza Vaccine to the Government Hospitals to vaccinate the Patients and reminded that there should be a proper mechanism when recommending a Vaccine to the patients 

The president of Philiphines is being faced with allegations of  corruption after he has involved in importing a drug to combat the Dengue Epidemic in the country as a popular decision he has stressed.

Children eat more junk food after watching YouTube stars who indulge in unhealthy snacks, study finds

Study casts doubt on 'healthy obesity


Railway Strike To Be Suspended This Evening

Image result for sri lanka trainsThe Railways Technical Services Personal who had launched a 48 hour strike since last Tuesday evening (29) over three of their service demands have decided to end their strike at 4 p.m this evening (31) according to the Railway Technical Services Trade Union Committee .

During the strike Train services  have functioned normally ,However with delays according to the Railway Department.

An acts of sabotage too have been reported from several train stations in the island during the strike including threatening the employees who are at work and damaging equipment .

Railway Department is due to launch a proper investigations over the incidents according to the authorities.

A Person Was Injured Due To A Sudden Fire Erupted In A Jeep In Southern Expressway

Image result for southern expressway\A Person had received burn injuries and  hospitalized after the Jeep he was driven suddenly caught fire near the Kottawa entry of the Southern Expressway this morning (31).

The injured driver was hospitalized from  another  Vehicle ran in the Expressway at that time.

The fire erupted in the Jeep was doused by the fire brigade arrived at the scene after some time  ,However the Jeep which traveled from Kottawa to Kadawatha was completely destroyed due to the fire it has been reported. 

The cause of the fire not yet been determined.

A Polish National Was Arrested By The Customs With 100 Gold Biscuits Hidden In His Waist Belt

Image result for arrestedA 60 year old Polish National was arrested with 100 Gold Biscuits weighing 100 Grammes each , hidden  in his special waist belt on his arrival at the Katunayake ,Bandaranaike International Airport this morning (31) by the Airport Customs Officers.

The suspected Polish National who had arrived at the  Katunayake Airport from Dubai through a Emirates Flight E.K 650 ,carried the stock of Gold Biscuits weighing around 10 Kilo Grammes in his waist belt according to the customs .He was arrested while departing the Airport through the Green Chanel.

The estimated value of the stock of Gold Biscuits brought by the Polish National is little more than Rs.67 million it has been revealed.

Customs are questioning the suspect over the incident.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Colombo Office Of The Perpetual Treasuries Limited Is Being Searched

The Criminal Investigations

Department(CID)officers had began searching the Colombo office located at the Parkland Building ,of the Perpetual Treasuries Limited which directly involved in the Central Bank Bond scam,under a search warrant obtained from the Court.

The CID Officers are being checked docuements relevent  to the current investigations carrying out over the Bond Scam .

Obese People Overeat Because They Enjoy Food Less Than Thinner People

Five Districts Have Been Identified As Dengue High Risk Areas

Although many Districts have low prevelence of Dengue at present ,Five districts namely Puttalam,Batticaloa ,Kalmumai,Anuradhapura and Kandy are at higher risk of spreading Dengue due to the recent showers according to the Anti Dengue Control Unit

Due to this situation destroying Dengue Mosquito breeding places is currently underway   in these Dsngue  high risk districts it has been stated.

The Health Ministry  is due to launch three day island wide national Anti Dengue Control  campaign on 7 th, 08th and 09 th of June.

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India thunderstorms and lightning strikes kill 50


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Two Persons Were Arrested With More Than 24 Kilo Grammes Of Kerala Cannabis

Image result for arrestedTwo Persons have been arrested while transporting  24.180 Kilo Grammes of Kerala Cannabis from a Motorcycle at Maduthuduwawa area in Mannar this morning (30) by the Police Anti Narcotic Bureau Officials .

The 24 and 27 year old suspects who are residents of Pasalai area are due to be produced before the  Mannar Magistrate Court today(30).

The value of the stock of Kerala Cannabis taken in to custody in possession of the suspects is around Rs.2.9 million it has been revealed.

Two Indian National Have Been Arrested With A Stock Of "Wallapatta" In Possession

Boralesgamuwa Police have today (30) arrested two Indian Nationals with 1.698 Kilo Grammes of "Wallapatta" known as "Gyronips Walla" in possession at the Malani Bulathsinghala Road in Boralesgamuwa .

Related imageThe two suspects who are 42 years old are due to be produced before the Gangodawila Magistrate Court in Nugegoda.Borelesgamuwa Police are conducting an investigations over the incident.

Man with 4,100 gallstones suffered agonising abdominal pain for years until surgeons removed them


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A Youth Had Committed Suicide By Junping From Bambara Falls

A 24 year old youth had committed suicide by jumping in from Bambara Ella(Falls) at Haldummulla are yesterday (29).

The body of the deceased youth who was a resident of Dankotuwa area had recovered later and sent to the Haldummulla Hospital for the post mortum.

Seventy Four Containers Full Of Canned Fish Proved As Contains Worms Due To Be Re Exported

Image result for canned fishThe 74 containers full of Canned fish imported mainly from China which stucked at the Sri Lanka Customs due to the test report issued by the Health Authorities that the Canned Fish belogs to 12 batches are being contained worms ,are due to be re exported to the Countries exported them to us the Customs have stated.

Accordingly the 74 containers  contains Canned Fish worth around Rs.388 million are due to be re exported to China,Taiwan and Thailand according to the sources.

The Public Health Inspectors are currently engaging  in removing some of the stocks of these Canned Fish issued to the local market with worms .


A Motorcyclist Was Killed Due To An Accident In Hingurakgoda

Image result for accidentA Motorcyclist was killed after the high speed Motorcycle he was riding toppled over to the "Yoda Canal" at Hathamuna in Hingurakgoda last night (29).

The deceased who was a resident of Hingurakgoda area had faced this incident while on the way to his house after visiting a relative house it has been revealed.

The accident occurred due to the Motorcyclist's inability to control the speed of the Motorcycle.

Power Supply To Many Areas In Matara And Hambanthota Has Been Interrrupted Due To Strong Winds

Image result for electric lines interruptionPower supply to the several areas in Matara and Hambanthota Districts broken down as a result of the Strong Gutsy winds blown across those areas according to the Ministry of Power and Renewable Energy .

Accordingly Power supply has broken down in Beliatta,Middeniya ,Tangalle,Suriyawewa,Hakmana and Walasmulla areas as a result of the fallen trees to the power lines caused due to the strong winds the Ministry has stated.Due to this situation more than 60,000 residents have been affected it has been reported.

Authorities are currently working to restore the power supply in these areas it has been revealed.

The strong winds are expecting to continue today (30) as well.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

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Shooter Kills Two Police Officers And A By Stander In Belgium


A Corprol Was Arrested With Cannabis In Possession

A Lance Corprol attaced to the

Saliyapura Gajaba Regiment at Anuradhapura Army Camp has been arrested by a team of Army personal yrsterday(28) with 02 mili grammes in possession at the Army Camp.

The suspected Corprol was handed over to the Anuradhapura Police by the Army police for future course og action .


A 24 Year Old Has Died Due To A Fallen Tree In Diyathalawa

A 24 year old passanger has died and another injured after a Huge pinus tree had fallen  on to a Private Bus they were travelling at Galkanda area near Diyathalawa city few hours ago.

The injured was admitted to the Diyathalawa Hospital.The deceased was a resident of Dambagala,Diyathalawa.

The Bus was travelling from Colombo to Badulla at the time of the accident.Tree falls have been reported from several areas in the island due to tbe strong winds.

Train Delays Reported Due To The Strike Of Technical Personal

Train delays have been reported due to

the on going strike of Railway Technical Services personal according to the Railway Control Room.

However trains are operating as usual control room has stated.

Railway Technical Services  Personal have launched a 48 hour strike this evening by demanding solutions for three service demands.

Ministry Of Transport Cancelled All Leave Of Railway Workers

The Ministry Of Transport had
cancelled all leave of Ralway workers until further notice to avoid passangers being inconvenienced due to the 48 hour strike launched by the Railway Technical persomal since this evening(29).

However the Railway Technical services Trade Unions Committee has decided to go ahead with te strike.

Meanwhile Railway Control Room has announced that all the casual ,Substitute and Contract basis Technical personal attached to the Railways Department should report to their work with immediette effect else they will be treated as vacated from their posts.


An Ayurveda Doctor Was Arrested With Heroin In Possession

Ginigathhena Police have arrested an
Ayurveda Doctor with 250 mili grammes  of Heroin in his possession at Peragahamula in Ginigathhena area this morning(29).

The suspected Ayurveda Doctor who has been identified as a Heroin Addict was arrested while on the way to his house at Peragahamula area according to the Police.

He is due to be produced before the Hatton Magistrate Court.

One Out Of The Six Prisoners Escaped While In Baddegama Magistrate Court Had Been Arrested

Special Police Task Force personal have
today (29)arrested one Prisoner out of the six prisoners who had escaped from the custody of Prison officers while in Baddegama Magistrate Court last evening(28) .

The 21 year old prisoner who had been remanded over a rape case had been  arrested while hiding in his girl friend's house at Ellakanda in Baddegama area.

A search operation is currently underway to arrest other five prisoners who had escaped while preparing to move them to Galle Prison.

Meanwhile the Prisons Department has launched a seperate investigation over the escaping incident of Six prisoners who had been remanded over the charges of house looting,Heroin smuggling ,rape and robbery cases in Baddegama area.The Investigation will be carried out under the supervision of deputy Prison Superintendent of Marara it has been revealed.

Statements have been recorded from the Prison officers who were in charge of tbe escaped prisoners over the incident.


Around 14,000 Comsumers Are Being Affected Due To A Power Failure In Central Hill Areas

Around 14,000 electricity consumers in
Central hill areas have been affected due to a power failure occurred in five areas of the Central Hills this morning(29) as a result of the strong gusty winds blown away since last night (28)according to the reports.

Accordingly power failure occurred in Kundasale,Naula,Dambulla,Theldeniya and Badulla areas and steps are being taken to restore the electricity supply according to the authorities.

Around 14 Line Rooms In Nawalapitiya Had Been Damaged Due To The Strong Winds

Due to the strong winds experienced  last night(28) around 14 line rooms at the Katambulawa Tea Estate in Nawalapitiya area had been damaged as a result of  flowing away the roof sheets of the rooms it has been reported.

Due to this situation more than 50 persons have been displaced and the estate authorities have  moved them temporarily to the near by Tamil collage for safety reasons.

The Department of Meteorology has been predicted that strong gusty winds will be experienced in western slopes of the Central with wind speed up to 50 - 60 kilo meters per hour .The strong winds are likely to continue during next two days as well the Department has stated.



Ocean Infinity's Search Of Malaysian Flight Disappeared Four Years Ago Formally Ended

Monday, May 28, 2018


PHI's Removing A Stock Of Imported Canned Fish Belongs To 12 Batches From The Market As Tests Proves They Are Contained Worms

Public Health Inspectors(PHI's) are currently engaging in removing stocks belonging to 12 batches of Canned Fish imported from China,from the local market after found theses stocks contains worms and not suitable for human consumption.

The tests carried out by the Food Control Unit of the Health Ministry have revealed that the samples taken from the stocks belonging to 12 batches at the market and in the Airport contains worms.

Due to this situation Airport Customs have decided not to release the Canned fish stocks under the custody of them to the six local companies who have imported the stocks from China.

Accordingly around 74 cartons  contains these Canned fish which are under supervision  had been  stucked at Airport Customs  .

Meanwhile PHI's have already removed thousands of Canned fish tins from the local market after revealing the presense of worms  in samples of them .

According to the president of the Sri Lanka PHI Union Upul Rohana,The companies who have imported these canned fish are attempting to get the stocks that are in custody of the customs to be released .


A 26 Year Old Person Was Arrested With Two Gold Biscuits

A 26 year old person was arrested by
the Airport customs officers this morning(29)while attempting to smuggle two Gold Biscuits weighing 200 Grammes illegally to the country at Katunayake International Airport.

The suspect who is a resident of Colombo arrived at the Katunayake Airport in  a Emirates Flight from Singapore.He was arrested by the Customs while walking in Green Chanel to depart from the Airport.

The two Gold Biscuits hidden in the suspect's cloths had been recovered during the checking.The estimated value of the Gold Biscuits is around Rs.1
36 million according to the customs.

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Railway Technical.Services Personal To Launch A 48 Hour Strike From This Evening

The Technical services personal are due

to launch a 48 hour  island wide strike from 4 p.m. this evening demanding solutions for three of their service demands including increasing their salaries according to the Railway Technical Services Trade Union Committee.

Although there may be delays of Trains as a result of the Strike,Train Drives have stated that they will not allow the Teain services to be paralyzed due to the strike.

Former State Minister T.B Ekanayake Was Questioned Over Misusing Of State Vehicles During Previous Government

The former State Minister of Lands of
the Current government had been questioned more than four hours by the officers of Police Financial Crimes Investigations Division (FCID) yesterday(28) over the  misusing  of state vehicles when he was the Minister of Cultural Affairs in previous government.

The former State Minister Ekanayake had arrived at the FCID Headquarters in Colombo last morning to give a statement regarding the allegations leveled against them.

He was accompanied to the FCID by some of the Joint Opposition MP's who are being faced similar corruption charges including Mahindananda Aluthgamage and Bandula Gunawardana and some former Sri Lanka Freedom Party  Ministers who had left the National government recently.


Sri Lankan Health Minister Has Been Elected As The New Deputy Chairman Of The World Health Organization

Minister of Health,Nutrition and Indeginous Medicine Dr.Rajitha Senaratne has been elected as the new deputy chairman of the World Health Organization (WHO) uncontestedly yesterday(28).

Sri Lankan Health Minister has been elected for the post for a one year period during the 143 rd Executive Council meeting of the WHO held in Geneva ,Switzerland.

Brazilian Health Minister Ricardo Barros had been elected as the new President of the WHO.

Three Fishermen In North Who Went For Fishing Had Gone Missing

Three fishermen and their Boat left for
fishing from Kurikattuwa n Jetty in Jaffna last Saturday(26) had gone missing according to their family members.

The family members of these Fishermen had complaint over the incident to the Sri Lanka  Navy and stated that the missing fishermen had phoned them last  sunday (27) and informed  that they cannot sail further due to the strong sea waves.The fishetmen had also informed their family members to complain on this to the Navy personal in Nagadeepa and aftewards the communication with fishermen  had Broke down   it has been revealed.

Navy have launched a search operation to find out the missing Fishermen and their Boat.

Five Prisoners Of Galle Prison Escaped And Fled Away At Baddegama Court

Five prisoners in Galle Prison had been
escaped from the custody of Prison Officers and fled away while at the Baddegama Court last evening (28) it has been reported.

These prisoners who are being remanded over the charges of House looting,Heroin smuggling and robberies in the area had escaped when preparing to transport them back to Galle Prison after being producing before the Baddegama Court to face cases filed against them.

Nineteen Garment Workers Were Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Bus Collision

Around 19 female garment workers
were injured and hospitalized due to a collision between two Buses transported garment workers of a same factory last evening(28) at Madola area in Awissawella-Ratnapura road.

The injured were admitted to the Awissawella Base Hospital for treatment.Most of the injured had left the Hospital after receiving treatment according to the reports.

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EU proposes ban on straws and other single-use plastics

US Hits A Record Corona Cases And Hospitalizations