Saturday, October 22, 2016


After Imposing 15% VAT On Cigarettes The Cigarette Price Will Be Increased To Rs.55-Minister Of Health

After imposing 15% VAT (Value added tax) on cigarettes the price of a Cigarette will be increased to Rs.55 Minister Of Health,Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine Dr.Rajitha Senaratne has stated.

The Cabinet has recently increased the price of a Cigarette by seven rupees and accordingly the current Cigarette Price is Rs .42 Minister has revealed.

Addressing a function held at the Ministry of Health Minister Dr.Senaratne has stated studies have revealed that when the price of a Cigarette has been decreased smoking rate increased by 1% from 4% to 5%.

Taxes will be imposed on locally made "Beedi" and "Cigars as well in future in view of reducing the smoking of these products Minister has further added.

Bribery Commission Has Arrested A Police Constable For Trying To Get Rs.1100 As A Bribe

The Bribery Commission officials had arrested a Police Constable attached to the Mirihana Police when  trying to get  Rs.1100 as bribe from a three wheeler driver  it has been reported.

Bribery Commission officials had arrested the suspected constable after the three wheeler Driver had complaint to the Commission  that the constable has requested him to pay Rs.1100 due to adding unnecessary parts to the three wheeler.


A Cat Sleeping While Covering His Face With His Paws

It has been revealed that Cats are sleeping around 19 hours per day.

Pollice Have Arrested Two Youths With 31 Fake Currency Notes At Anuradhapura

Police have arrested two youths with 31 fake Sri Lankan currency notes in their possession at Anuradhapura City (In North Central Province) it has been reported.

The suspected youths were arrested by the Police when they trying to purchase goods from a provincial CWE (Corporative Wholesale Establishment -SATHOSA) outlet in Anuradhapura City by using a fake Rs.5000 note.

Police have raken into custody 20 Rs.5000 notes, 07 Rs.100 notes and 04 Rs.1000 notes in possession of the suspects.

The youths are residents in Galenbindunuwewa Area.

Kalpitiya Police OIC Has Been Transferred To Puttalam Police Station Due To A Clash Occurred Between Two Groups Of Fishermen

The OIC (Officer In Charge) of the Kalpitiya Police Station chief inspector Manjula Udumalagala has been transferred to Puttalam Police Station with immediatte effect due to the clash occurred between two groups of fishermen in the area yesterday (21).

The OIC of Kalpitiya Police Station had been transferred according to the instructions of Inspector General Of Police (IGP) Pujitha Jayasundare.

The clash between two fishermen groups had occurred when a group of fishermen who are using banned fishing nets and equipment for fishing had yesterday (21) morning attacked a group of small scale fishermen who have protested against using banned fishing nets and equipment.

An Inspector arttached to the Wanathawilluwa Police Station has been appointed as the acting OIC of the Kalpitiya Police Station.

Drinking Two Sweetened Drinks Per Day? You Could Be Doubling Your Risk Of Diabetes


A Pedestrian Was Killed And A Motor Cyclist Injured Due To A Road Accident

A 66 year old pedestrian was killed and a motor cyclist injured and hospitalized as the motor cycle knocked at the pedestrian  on Kurikotuwa-Udugama Road at Veyangoda Area (Western Province) today.

The deceased had succumbed to his injuries after admission to Wathupitivala Hospital and the injured moyor cyclist is currently receiving treatment at the same hospital it has been reported.

The Veyangoda Police are conducting an investigation on the incident.

Air Port Customs Officers Had Arrested A Chinese Female With 470 Cigarette Cartons At Katunayake Air Port

The Air port Customs Officers had today (22) had arrested a chinese female with 470 China made Cigarette Cartons in her possession at the Katunayake Bandaranaike International Air Port.

The stock of Cigarettes taken into custody by the Air Port customs while in possession of the suspected female is worth over Rs.5.6  million it has been revealed.

Air Port customs Officers are conducting an investigation on the incident.

President Sirisena Has Instructed The Authorities To Conduct An Impartial Investigation On The Deaths Of Jaffna Students

President Maithripala Sirisena has today (22)instructed the relevant authorities to conduct an impartial investigation on the deaths of two Jaffna University students who were reported as shot dead by the police in Jaffna.

The five police officers arrested regarding the shooting of students were ramanded until 04th of November by the Jaffna Magistrate's Court.

It has been reported that the suspected police officers who were in the duty at the check-point in Kokkuvil at kolappidy junction in jaffna last Thursday (20)night requested the two university students who were on their way home from a motor cycle to stop the vehicle ,but as the motor cycle rider continuously riding the cycle police officers shot at him.

However the gun fire had penetrated the head of  the student who was riding the cycle and as a result the rider died on the spot and the motor bicycle lost control and crashed to a nearby wall the sources revealed.

The critically injured pillion rider succumbed to his injuries after admission to the Jaffna Hospital.

Although these students were killed due to a gun shooting, the police officers who were responsible for their deaths reported the incident as an accident .The truth has been revealed after the post mortem reports of the deceased students stated that they were killed due to gun shot injuries.


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