Wednesday, June 4, 2014

98% Of The Annual Child Births In Sri Lanka Occurs In Hospitals -Family Health Bureau

Out of the total number of child births reported in Sri Lanka annually 98% of child births occurs  in Hospitals under the supervision of a Gynecologist the deputy director of Family Health Bureau Dr.Chithramali De Silva has said.94 % out of this occurs in government hospitals and remaining 4% occurs in Private Hospitals she has stressed.

As the majority of pregnant mothers prefers to go to a Hospital for their child births only 2% out of the total number of child births occurs annually are happens at houses Dr.De Silva has revealed.

According to the newest survey carried out on the maternal morbidity in Sri Lanka only 37 maternal deaths have been reported from 100,000 pregnant mothers delivering their babies.this is the lowest maternal morbidity rate reported from South Asian Region Deputy Director of the Family Health Bureau has said."we are now planning to reduce this rate further to 23 maternal deaths by next year" she has further added.

Meanwhile according to the survey carried out by the Family Health Bureau around 120-150 maternal deaths are reported from Sri Lanka Annually mostly due to the hemorrhage.due to the safe blood transfusion facilities available in all government hospitals in Sri Lanka the maternal deaths occurs due to the hemorrhage has been reduced significantly Gynecologists have said.  

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