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SLFP Central Committee To Meet Tonight To Decide Whether To Quit From.The National Government Or Not

The Central Committee of the Sri Lanka

Freedom Party(SLFP) is due to meet tonight(11) to decide whether to quit from the national government or not according to sources.

When the SLFP Central Committee met at President's house on last Monday(09) under the patronage of SLFP leader President Maithripala Sirisena ,it has been decided to discuss on the issue further during tonight's meeting.

The question on whether the SLFP should quit from the government or not had arisen due to the the other Co-Partner  United National Party had requested the president to remove Minstetial Portfolios of 06 SLFP Cabinet Ministers who had voted  in favor of the no confidence motion submitted to Parliament against Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe.

The 06 SLFP Ministers too have earlier  stated that they wanted  to quit from.their Ministerial Portfolios ,however later told they  are now  awaiting the SLFP' s decision on the issue .

A Lorry Driver Was Killed And His Assistant Was Critically Injured Due To A Lorry-Tipper Truck Collision

A 27 year old driver was killed and his
assistant was critically injured and hospitalized after the Lorry they were travelling in colliding with a Tipper Truck transporting Sand at Goksrella area on Dambulla-Kurunagala main road yestetday(10).

The critically injured Lorry driver and his assistant were admitted to the Gokarella District Hospital where the driver had succumbed to his injuries after admission.

The critically injured assistant of the Lorry which transported fish at the time of the incident ,was later transferred to Kurunagala Teaching Hospital for further treatment.

Galle Face Road Was Closed From Lotus Road Due To A Protest March

Galle face road was closed from Lotus Roundabout this
noon (10)for few hours due to the protest march launched by the striking Non academic University staff.

The University non academic staff members who had marched towards the Presidential Secretariet in Colombo Fort this noon  by demanding to issue the circular on increasing their allowances.

Four members of the Joint University Trade Union s committee had entered the Presidential Secretariet  to hand over memorandum of their demands



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A Police Constable Was Arrested And Remanded Over A Bribe Case

A police constable attached to a crimes
division of the Colombo Fort Police who was arrested by the Bribery Comm ission officials over requesting  a Rs.10,000 bribe from an employee attached to the medical.supplies division of Health Ministry .

The Suspected Police Constable had been remanded until 23rd of April by the Colombo Additional Magistrate today (10)after being produced before him.

The Police Constable was arrested over the charge that he had requested the Medical Supplies Division employee who is an office assistant ,Rs.10,000 to not to take a legal.action over an illegal activity committed  by the employee and to hand over the mobile phone and National Identity card of him taken in to custody it has been revealed.

Burnt Bodies Of Three Members Of Same Family Recovered From Their House In Digana

The burnt  bodies of a 37 year old

father and his 13   year old daughter and 05 year old son who had  mysteriously died recovered at their house at Rajawella, in Digana,Kandy this morning(10) according to Manikhinna police.

The cause of the death has not yet been revealed and the mother of the deceased children is currently working in abroad it has been revealed.

The deceased father who had a mountain of debt to pay even brought cloths to the children for the forthcoming Sinhala/Hindu New Year according to reports.

Manikhinna Police are conducting an investigations over the incident.

Cabinet Meeting Was Held Without SLFP Ministers

The weekly Cabinet Meeting was held
today(10)without the participation of 13 Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP)members who had voted in favor of the no confidence motion against Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe and lost the confidence of  Ministers and MP's attached to Governing United National Party (UNP).

The Cabinet meeting was held under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena.

The helpless SLFP Ministers did not participate the Cabinet meeting as they have decided to boycott the meeting until their Party had reached an agreement over the resigning from their posts in the government.

United National Party has strongly condemned the behaviour of above SLFP ministers who had voted in favor of the no confidence motion last week and requested the President to remove from their Monisterial Portfolios.

The group of SLFP ministers too wants to resigned from their posts and they are delaying of doing so due to the opposition of other SLFP MP's it has been announced.

Meanwhile a decision is due to be taken regarding the future of these SLFP Ministers during a central committee meeting of the SLFP scheduled to be held tomorrow(11).

Three Persons Were Killed Due To A Three Wheeler Accident In Gampola

Three persons were killed and one
person injured after the Three Wheeler they were travelling in veering off the road and toppled over to a canal at thundeniya junction in kahawatte-Gampola this evening.

Three of the critically injured belongs to a same family had succumbed to their injuries after admission to Gampola Hospital.

The injured were residents of Gampola,Madirigiriya and Warakapola areas and were of the ages 72,74 and 82 years it has been revealed.

The accident occurred due to the Three Wheeler driver's inability to control the speed of the vehicle according to Police.

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