Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sri Lanka Has Ranked 4th Place Which Having Highest Suicide Rate

Sri Lanka has ranked 4th place  which is  having  highest suicide rates in the world  among 172 Countries a latest study conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO)has revealed.According to  the study 28.8 Persons out of 100,000 population in Sri Lanka are prone to suicide .

The country which is having the   highest suicide rate is African Country Guyana and in that country 44.2 persons out of the 100,000 population are prone to suicide followed by North and South Korea(38.5 and 28.9 respectively).Among the other countries which are having a highest suicide rates are Lithuania(28.2),Surinam(27.8),Mosambique(27.4),Nepal(24.9),Tanzania(24.9),Burundi(23.1),India(21.1) and Southern Sudan(19.1).

Meanwhile WHO has recognized the suicide rate at present as a major  global health problem.

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