Tuesday, September 25, 2018




Remanded Former President's Chief Of Staff And Former Timber Corporation Chairman Had Been Released On Bail

Colombo Chief Magistrate Ranga
Dassanayake has yesterday (25)ordered to release former President's Chief of Staff I.H.K Mahanama and former Chairman of State Timber Corporation Piyadasa Dassanayake who had been remanded over accepting a Rs.20 million bribe from an Indian Businessman , on bail.

Accordingly the Colombo Chief Magistrate has ordered to release the two suspects on Three Surety bails of Rs.2 million each and a cash bail of Rs.100,000 each due to the certificate produced by Bribery Commission to the court to Remand the two suspects proved as legally not valid it has been revealed.

The two suspects were arrested by the Bribery Commission over accepting a Rs.20 million bribe from an Indian Businessman and later they had been remanded after being produced before the court .

The case against the suspects is due to be heard again on 11 th of December .

Twenty Five Persons Had Been Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Road Accident

Twenty five persons including  Twenty
Three Garment Factory workers and two pedestrians had been injured and hospitalized after a Bus transporting Garment Factory workers from meegaswewa area  to a Garment Factory in Madirigiriya had veering off the road at Parakum Jumction in Diyasenpura yesterday (25).

The injured had been admitted to the Madirigiriya Hospital and later two critically injured persons had been Transferred to Polonnaruwa General Hospital for further treatment.

The accident occurred due to a Technical fault of the Bus it has been revealed.

The Bus driver was arrested over the incident and he is due to be produced before Hingurakgoda District Court today (26).

A Heavily Drunken Person Was Critically Injured And Hospitalized After Colliding With "Udarata Manike"Train

A heavily drunken person was critically
injured and hospitalized after colliding with "Udarata Manike"Train travelling from Colombo Fort to Badulla yesterday (25) near the Railway crossing in Malippuwa area on Hatton-Nuwara Eliya main road nearby the Hatton Train station .

The injured person was transported from the Udarata Manike"Train by Train security officers  and handed over him to the Hatton Railway station .

Afterwards the  injured was admitted to the Dikoya Base Hospital and later transferred to the Kandy Teaching Hospital for further treatment. The whereabouts of the injured person have not yet been revealed. 

A 29 Year Old Youth Has Died After Drowning In Water At Sathmahal Water Falls

A 29 year old youth has died after drowning in water at the Sathmahal Water Falls in Kolavenigama,Deniyaya last Monday  (24)whilst bathing there .

The Body of the youth had been recovered by the members of Southern Navy Divers Team in Galle last morning  (25).

The deceased youth who was a resident of Habaraduwa had arrived at the Sathmahal Water Falls along with eight others from Habaraduwa on a picnic last Monday .Whilst bathing there two youth had drowned In the waters and others in the group had managed to save one of them .

The villagers in the area had attempted to find the other youth last Monday, However they have failed to do so it has been reported.

The Body of the deceased youth had been sent to Deniyaya Base Hospital for the post mortem.



Health Minster Has Instructed The Health Secretary To Suspend The Salaries Of Doctors And Nurses Who Are Not Accepting Their Transfers

Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne
has instructed the Health Ministry Secretary Sudharma Gunathilake to suspend the salaries of those Doctors and Nurses attached to Government Hospitals who are in transfer orders ,who have not reported to their new work places.

Health Minister has also instructed the Health Secretary to take disciplinary action against Hospital Directors who are not releasing the Doctors and Nurses with transfer orders to their new stations and stop providing financial assistance to such  Hospitals.

'If a Hospital Director found as responsible for not releasing the transfered Doctors and Nurses to their new work places ,it will affect  the marks giving for administrative skills of a Hospital Director when he is seeking a promotion Health Minister has said during the Provincial Council Health Mimisters summit held at National Blood Center at Narahenpita  recently .

Minister has instructed on this after the Provincial Council Health Minister s had shown  that due to  not implementing Transfers of Doctors and Nurses it is hard to fill the Shortage of Doctors and Nurses in their hospitals .



Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka Had Given A Four Hour Statement To The CID

Minister of Sustainable Development
and Wild Life Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka has today (25)arrived at Criminal Investigations Department  (CID ) Headquarters in Colombo  and given a four hour statement regarding the abduction and assaulting of former Nation paper Journalist Keith Noyer during previous regime .

Field Marshal has arrived at CID Headquarters escorted by   his personal security officers around 12 noon today to give a Statement  as per the request made by CID as he was the Army Commander at the time of the incident .This was the second time he was being questioned over the incident.

However the CID had informed the court last May that Field Marshal Fonseka was  not related to the Abduction and Assaulting of Keith Noyer

Police Have Launched An Investigation To Arrest Youth Responsible For Taking Half Naked Photos And Published In FB

Police have launched an investigations to arrest eight youth who had taken half naked photos of them at Pidurangala Rock and published  in their Facebook accounts  causing chaos among many sections of the society .

The police investigations had been  launched as per the complaints received from Dayaka Sabha of Pidurangala Rajamaha Temple and Department of Archeology over the incident.

The eight youth who are residents of Kurunagala and recently concluded their studies at Maliyadeva School,Kurunagala  had taken the Controversial  photos by facing the Sigiriya Rock and Pidurangala Temple it has been revealed.

Police have already identified two youth who were responsible for the incident and one had already published a post in his Facebook account and apologized from all Sri Lankans over what they did yesterday (24)and appealed not to insult their school and parents over the incident.

Many have criticised the incident and blame the parents of youth and their school for not teaching them discipline.

Thousamds Of Cinemas In China Under Threat Of Closure

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