Friday, October 26, 2012

Three Cardiac Thoracic Surgeons Have Resigned From The Govt.Sector To Join Private Sector

Three out of twelve Cardiac Thoracic Surgeons working in Government Hospitals here were resigned from government service and joined Private Sector recently due to low Salaries paid in the government sector Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) has announced.Due to this situation the shortage of Cardiac Thoracic Surgeons in government hospitals has  worsened media spokesman of GMOA Dr.Naveen Soyza has said .

One of the popular Cardiac Thoracic Surgeons who was among the group of surgeons  joined private sector recently has received around Rs.15,000,000 as his monthly salary from the Private Hospital he is currently attached with Dr.Soyza has revealed.

One of the senior Cardiac Thoracic Surgeons working in government hospitals  and few other senior medical specialists have also  planning to join the private sector if the low salary structure for government medical specialists has not revised shortly GMOA media spokesman has stressed.the monthly salary of a   medical specialist attached to government hospital is around Rs.42,000 he further added.

Around Rs.1.5 million has spend by the government for specialist training of a medical officer according Ministry Of Health.

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