Friday, September 4, 2009

Europen Union Says They Are Troubled Due To The Tissanayagam Verdict

The Judicial Decision to Convict Tamil Editor J.S Tissanayagam For 20 years of Imprisonment under the Terrorist Prevention Act was challenged by the European Union by a Declaration issued on Friday saying they are troubled by this Ruling.Editor Tissanayagam who was under Police Custody since March last year under the Charge of supporting Terrorism was sentenced to 20 years of Imprisonment by the High Court in Colombo last Monday.

His family says they already made an Apeal against the Courts Decision.Meanwhile Sri Lankan Foriegn Ministry has been taken steps to send the Court Decision of Tissanayagam to the European Union.

Health Ministry To Crush Local Purchacing Of Drugs By The Hospitals

Health Ministry is decided to supply all the Essential Drugs required by the Government Hospitals including the Expensive Drugs which are Currently local purchased by the Hospital Management or bought by the Patients with Immediate Effect.These Drugs will be supplied through the Medical Supplies Division of the Health Ministry.

This decision was taken to minimize the waste and corruption occurred while purchasing an Expensive Drugs through Local Purchase System by the Hospital Management according to the Health Ministry Sources.Large Amount of Money is expected to save through this measure according to the Sources.

The Treasury already agreed to facilitate this move by granting extra amount of Money.Recently the Government Medical Officers Associatiopn(GMOA) Announced an insect was found inside of a bottle of Omeprazole" Injection Vial locally purchaced by the Colombo National Hospital Authorities.

New China Virus-Cases Triple As Infection Spreads Shanghai To Beijing china-51171035