Thursday, August 25, 2016

A Special Three Day Dengue Control Programme To Be Conducted From Today (26)At All Schools In Western Province

Image result for DENGUEThe Ministry Of Health,Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine is due to launch a special three day Dengue Control Programme in all schools at Western Province from today (26) ,27th and 29th of August as there is a threat of increasing dengue mosquito breeding places inside school buildings.

As the government and private schools are due to reopen next weak after a month long school holidays the aim of the programme is to destroy dengue mosquito breeding places inside the school buildings and clean the environment the Ministry has stated,

Accordingly  540 teams comprising armed forces,police and health officials are due to inspect the school premises to find  dengue mosquito breeding places during the three day programme.

The Ministry Of Health has instructed the school authorities in Colombo ,Gampaha and Kalutara Districts belonging to the western province that either principle or a teacher should be there at schools during the three day dengue programme.

This year up to now around 35,000 Dengue Patients had been reported from the island   with 52 dengue Deaths.


Post Mortem Has Revealed The Death Of The Abducted Businessman Occurred Due To An Internal Bleeding

Image result for crimes sceneAt the post mortem held regarding the death of the Bambalapitiya based millionaire businessman Mohommad Sulaiman in Kegalle Hospital this evening ,it has been revealed that the death occurred as a result of an internal bleeding caused due to a head injury.

The deceased had been murdered within one hour since the abduction according to the post mortem results.

The 29 year old businessman who involved in a textile business was abducted on last Sunday night and his body was found at Mawanella Area on Wednesday.

Ten Students Attached To The University Of Peradeniya Have Been Suspended From Attending Classes

Image result for university of peradeniyaUniversity Authorities had suspended ten students attached to the Faculty of  Allied Health Sciences in University Of Peradeniya from attending classes for two week period over a clash they got involved in.

The suspended students have been accused for assaulting few students during the clash occurred between first and second year students at the Applied Health Sciences Faculty on 22nd of August.

Due to the clash five students were injured and admitted to the Peradeniya Hospital.

79 Corona Positives Had Been Discharged From Hospitals Today (02)

A total of 79 Corona positives had been discharged today (02) from Hospitals after full recovery it has been reported . Accordingly th...