Friday, September 1, 2017


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Eight Persons Arrested Over Excavating A Treasure In Weeragula

Weeragula police have arrested eight persons over
involved in excavation work at pallethuththiripitiya area in Weeragula in purpose of recovering a treasure.

Police have also taken into custody an equipment used for excavation work in possession of the suspects who are residents of ambagaspitiya,yakkala and gampaha areas.

A 47 Year Old Person Had Died After Falling Down On A quarry

A 47 year old person has died after falling down on a
quarry in baduwatte,Hanwella area.

After the incident the critically injured person was admitted to the padukke hospital for treatment ,however he had succumbed to his injuries after admission to the hospital.

The deceased had been identified as a resident of Hanwella area.Hanwella police are investigating on the incident.

Three Persons Were Killed And Six Others Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Motor Car-Cab Collision

Three persons in the same family were killed and six
others injured and hospitalized due to a Motor car-Cab collision occurred at Batugedara Junction in Ratnapura last night (31).

The injured were admitted to the Ratnapura General Hospital for treatment.

The deceased had been identified as 80,65 and 45 year old father ,mother and son of a same family resided in Ampara district.

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Doctors Have Removed 37 Heroin Balls From A Stomach Of A Pakistani National

Doctors attached to Negambo Base Hospital had
removed around 37 heroin balls from the stomach of  32 year old pakistani national who swallowed them before arrival in  Sri Lanka.The Pakistani national was arrested at Katunayake ,Bandaranaike International Airport by Police narcotic Bureau officials on 28th of August.

According to the sources the Heroin balls removed from the stomach of pakistani national weighing around 367 grammes and worth around Rs.3.8 million.

Police narcotic bureau officials are currently questioning the suspect under the permission received from Negambo magistrate court to detained and questioned the suspect until 04th of september.

Eleven Cattle Have Died Due To A Lorry They Were Transporting In Toppled Over

Eleven cattle have died after the lorry they were
transporting in toppled over near a Army base in Naula area in wee hours of this morning (01).

The lorry was transporting around thirty eight cattle from eravur to akurana area at the time of the accident.

After the accident the persons in the lorry had fled away it has been reported.The persons transported cattle only had a licence to transport 20 cattle according to the Mahawela police.

The police and the residents of the area have rescued the twenty seven cattle trapped inside the lorry.

Price Of A Lunch Pack To Be Increased Due To The Polythene/Shopping Bags And Regifoam Box Ban

Due to the ban imposed by government  of using
polythene,shopping bags and Regifoam boxes to wrap lunch packets with effect from today (01)All Ceylon Canteen owners Association has decided to increase the price of lunch packet by Rs.10 with effect from tomorrow (02).

Government has decided to ban the use of polythene,shopping bags and regifoam boxes to wrap food and other items  with effect from today and announced that those who violate the ban will be punished with Rs.10,000 fine or two year imprisonment.

Government has already issued a gazette notification regarding the ban.


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