Thursday, May 17, 2018


Explosive Eruption At A Volcano In Hawai


Spill Gates Of Daduru Oya And Udawalawe Reservoir Have Been Opened Due To Heavy Showers

Due to the rising water levels caused by heavy showers prevailing in six spill gates of Daduru Oya Reservoir by one feet each and three spill gates of Udawalawe Reservoir have been opened today(17)according to the Disaster Management Center.

Due to this situation the Center has advised the people lives in low land areas around Udawalawe Reservoir and Daduru oya Reservoir especially arachchikattuwa,Pallama and Chilawareas to be vigilant over possible floods.

Meanwhile if the rain continues further there is a risk of overflowing Attanagalu Oya,Mee Oya ,Kala oya and several rivers in the island authorities have warned.

A 20 Year Old Has Died Due To Lightning

A 20 year old youth has died due to
strucked  by lightning while working in a paddy field at Unity eight ,Mollipotana area in Kanthale this evening(17).

The youth had succumbed to his injuries after admission to Kanthale Base Hospital in critical condition.

He was a resident of Unity eight area in Mollipotana,Kanthale .

Landslide Risk Areas Have Been Identified In Ten Districts

Places in Ten Districts have been
identified as risk areas prone to landslides according to the National Building Research Organization ( NBRO).

Accordingly places in ten districts including Badulle,Nuwara Eliya,Matale,Kegalle and Ratnapura have been identified as landslide risk areas NBRO has stated.

Around 15,000 families are lives in these landslide risk areas and NBRO has planned to remove around 6000 families out of this number from their houses during this year it has been announced.

Meanwhile Meteorology Depatment has stated that heavy showers will occur in many parts of the Island tonight due to the low presure area developing  in the atmosphere  of  Bay of Bengal.

People in land risk areas are being requested to be vigilent over the landslude signs including cracks in earth and Tree falling .

Few Houses And Shops In Dambulle Have Been Submerged Due To Overflowing Of Canals

Few houses and shops located in
Dambulle city and the suburbs have been submerged due to the overflowing of few canals in the area following heavy showers it has been reported.

The submerged houses and shops are located in Dambulle city and Ihala Arawwala areas and the residents of the houses have been moved to safety places by the authorities.

Compounds In Lemon Found To Effectively Fights Cancer


Around 2.5 billion more people will be living in cities by 2050, projects new UN report


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Depositors Of ETI Finance Limited Protested In Front Of The Company Building Demanding Their Depoists Back To Them

Image result for eti limited ward placeWard Place in Town Hall area has been blocked this noon (17) due to a large number of depositors who had deposited their money in ETI Finance  Limited owned by Edirisinghe Group of Companies  have staged a protest campaign in front of the Finance Limited office in Watd Place demanding their deposit money.

The Depositors who have not received  interests for their deposits from long time had blocked the Ward Place and protested demanding their deposits back and to remove the four directors of the Finance Limited .

The depositors have  protested in front of the ETI Finance Limited in an earlier occasions as well ,However the owners of ETI had avoided meeting them it has been reported.

Due to the protest a traffic had been reported in the area this noon.

Three Air Force Officers Including A Female Trainee Have Been Injured Due To Hand Grenade Explosion

Image result for diyathalawa air force training campThree Air force officers including a Amateur trainee female officer and two Air force male instructors  have been injured and hospitalized due to a sudden Hand grenade explosion occurred during a Air force training exercise held at the Nariyakanda area  in the Diyathalawa Air force Training Camp this morning (17). 

The injured were admitted to the Diyathalawa Base Hospital for treatment.One of them is reported as in critical condition according to the sources.

Airline Passangers Requested To Be Present At Airport Three Hours Prior To The Departure Today Due To A Work To Rule Campaign

Sri Lankan Airlines have today (17) requested the Air Line Passengers who areflying abroad  to arrive in the Katunayake Airport three hours prior to the departure time until further notice,  due to the work to rule campaign scheduled to be launched by the Immigration and Emigration officers .This to minimize the delays due to the work to rule campaign the Airlines had stated.   

Related imageThe Immigration and Emigration officers are due to launch a continuous work to rule campaign with effect from midnight tonight (17) demanding to solve the problem of their service minute.They had conducted a protest campaign in front of the Airport over the demand by wearing black bands this noon.

EBOLA Outbreak Now Spreads To DR Congo City





Open the knots of your heart,
And all the layers that keep us apart.
Don’t stay quiet, come along.
For God’s sake let’s sing a song.
We are not strangers anymore, you see.
Oh! Come, come close to me.

Let the hearts meet this instance.
Let all constraints pass.
Let all chasms and distance
Drown in this glass.
I will smile into your eyes happily
If you promise to smile back at me.

We are no more ‘you and me’ it seems.
We have become something else.
Lost in the sparkling realm of dreams
We dance to these enchanting bells.
We need not ask anyone for direction
And may not tell them our destination.

Tomorrow someone may ask us
What happened to you yesterday?
Our hearts instruct us to move on thus.
Let us not look back today.
Let’s not call or try to find
people who are left far behind.

But do open the knots of your heart
And all the layers that keep us apart.
We are not strangers anymore, you see.
Oh come, come close to me…

Doctors Strike : Not Much Affect Done To Major Govt.Hospitals As Doctors Reported To Work

Due to the Island Wide One day Token Strike Launched by the Government
Medical Officers Association (GMOA) today (17) against the proposed Free trade agreement to be signed with Singapore,not much affect done to the Hospital services in Major Government Hospitals including the National Hospital in Colombo as Majority of Doctors reported to work it has been reported.

As the demand is not related to Doctors  rights most Doctors have seen treating patients in OPD Clinics despite the strike.

However some who are trying to gain political advantage from the situation are trying to create a wrong image on the strike by stating that hospital work has been badly affected due to the strike .

The strike is scheduled to be concluded at 8 a.m tomorrow (18) according to the GMOA.

Health Minister Has Instructed The Director General Of Health Services To Purchase And Supply "Hiflow Oxygen " Machines Required To Treat Child Viral Fever Patents In Two Southern Hospitals

Image result for health ministryMinister Of Health Dr.Rajitha Senaratne has instructed the Director General Of Health Services Dr.Anil Jasinghe to local purchase and supply "Highflow Oxygen" machines to KARAPITIYA Teaching and Matara General Hospitals ,required to provide urgent  treatment for Children suffering from the Influenza  like Viral fever currently spreading Karapitiya in Galle and Matara areas (Southern Province).

These machines will be supplied as per the requests made by the Child Specialists in Karapitiya Teaching And Matara General Hospitals according to the Health Ministry.

The Epidemiology Unit  attached to the Health Ministry has launched an inquiry on the Viral flu spreading in Southern Province .Till the conclusion of the Inquiry Health Ministry has requested the Public In South to follow the advises issued by the Child Specialist on the flu .


Not all calories are created equal: Calories from sugar-sweetened drinks cause more weight gain and increase your risk of disease than bread or potatoes

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