Monday, March 21, 2011

Ministry Of Health To Carry Out Island Wide Raids To Catch 7000 Quack Doctors

Health Minister Maithrepala Sirisena today has instructed the Director General Of Health Services Dr.Ajith Mendis to launch a series of Island Wide raids to catch 7000 Quack Doctors who are illegally practicing Western Medicine throughout the Island.

Under the instructions of the Minister Ministry Of Health is scheduled to issue a special circular to All Provincial Health Directors and Provisional Health Directors instructing to carry these raids in their areas shortly.

According to a Health Ministry Spokesman Some of these 7000 Quack Doctors are previously working as Drug Dispensers under the Registered Government  Doctors.Some of these quacks displaying bogus Government Registered numbers as well as their personal telephone numbers as registered numbers according to the Ministry Spokesman.

It has been reported that these Quack Doctors even treating Dengue Patients and due to the wrong treatment they provided for them some patients ended up with Dengue Hemorrhage and Shock Syndrome conditions and admitted to Government Hospitals in critical condition."If this kind of patient died due to the critical condition  then the blame goes to the Government Hospital and the doctors there who treated that particular  patient not to those quacks "he said."Even these Quack Doctors are administering Dengue Patients various Drugs without doing preliminary  tests" he stressed.

Taking into consideration  this Medical Negligence of the Quack Doctors Ministry Of Health has decided to carry out raids island wide to catch these quacks and to punish them according to the law Health Ministry Spokesman has stressed.

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