Monday, July 10, 2017

Visiting WHO Team Handed Over A Report To The Health Minister On How To Reduce Mosquito Density And Number Of Dengue Patients In Short period

Image result for dengueA visiting World Health Organization(WHO) Expert Team has handed over  a report contained  methods and plans on  how to reduce the Dengue Mosquito Larvae Density  and the number of Dengue Patients up to 50% within four weeks time to the Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne yesterday(10). 

The report was prepared and handed over by four doctors attached to the WHO as per the request made by Health Minister few days ago .

WHO Team has prepared the report after visiting Dengue hit areas throughout the country and the Team had today(11) explained the Cabinet Ministers on the report it has been revealed.

While praising the commitment of Hospital Medical staff in Government Hospitals regarding the management of Dengue Patient care in hospitals and the way the authorities reduced the Dengue Deaths. The WHO Expert Team has revealed that the Dengue Mosquito  Larvae density in Asian countries like Vietnam,Cambodia and Laos two increased.

Two Police Officers Attached To Point Of Pedro Police Had Been Arrested Over Firing A Lorry And Killed A Person

Police have arrested An Assistant Superintendant of
 Police and a Police constable attached to the  Point Of Pedro Police over shot and Killed a youth in Sand Transporting vehicle.

Both Police Officers have been interdicted from their services it has been revealed

The two suspected Police Officers had fired a Lorry tranporting sand illegally as the Lorry didnt stop  on Sunday evening at Point of Pedro  and a person in the vehicle was killed due to the incident.


Health Minister On A Toddy Problem In Kautara

Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne has today
(10)ordered the Excise Department officials and the Police to arrest illegal containers contained artifical toddy transport from North Western Province to Kalutara District, without any fear.

During the previous government some powerful persons in Kalutara district had received Rs.250,000 daily from liquour companies  as a bribe behalf of transporting artifical toddy the Minister has stated.

As the transporting of artificial toddy is an illegal act authorities should have taken an  action to prevent it he has stressed.

Heartbeat Of The Female Heart Transplant Patient In Kandy Hospital Returned Normalcy

The heartbeat of the female patient who underwent
the first Heart Transplant Surgery in Sri Lanka performed at Kandy Teaching Hospital has returned normalcy and she is doing well according to Hospital sources.

It was a eight hour surgery  performed on 07th of July with the participation of a 20 member local medical team sources have added.

The female had suffered from Cardiomyopathi with 12% of her  heart failed Doctors have stated.

This expensive surgery was performed by the local medical team free of charge at a time a separate ward  not allocated for those who need Heart Tranplants in Kandy Hospital it has been revealed.


Sluice Gates Of Kukule Ganga Remain Opened-Disaster Management Center

The sluice gates of the Kukule Ganga(River)which
opened last night (09) due to the rising water levels ,remain opened   as a result of adverse weather condition according to the Disaster Management Center.

Due to this situation people living in low lands areas including Ingiriya,Bulathsinghale,and Agalawatte areas should be vigilant over the rising water levels of the river the center has stated.

Section Between Kaduwela And Kadawatha Of Southern Expressway Again Closed Down And Reopened

The section between Kaduwela and Kadawatha of the
Southern Expressway which closed down temporarily last night (09) due to the falling down of a high tension power cable on the road has reopened again this morning (10) and again closed down between 12.30 p.m to 4.30 p. m to remove the cable from the road.

After removing the cable the closed section now again reopened for motorists according to the Road Development Authority.

At first the high tension power cable had fallen down to a Lorry and as a result a female in the vehicle was hospitalized due to a shock according to the reports.Due to the cable, a power failure had occurred
In several areas including  Galle, Ambalangoda, Mathugama,Horana and Kalutara last night.

Meanwhile the Ceylon Electricity Board has launched an inquiry on the falling down of a high tension power cable.


Archeology Advisory Board Decided To Closed Down Rangiri Dambulu Cave Temple Until Further Notice

Archeology Advisory Board has today (10th )
unanimously decided to closed down the Historical Rangiri Dambulu Cave Temple for tourists until further notice and to begin conserving  of the artworks of  cave temple .

The decision has been taken at a meeting of a Archeology Advisory Board held at Education Ministry Auditorium in "Isurupaya Battaramulle today (10)under the patronage of Education Minister Akila viraj Kariyawasam.

Recently a dispute occurred between the Chief Incumbent of the temple and Archeology Department officials regarding the way of handling the funds received by the temple.

During today's meeting it has been decided to issue tickets to the tourists in future through the Central Cultural Fund .

Navy Arrested Two Fishermen While Illegally Fishing In Northern Seas

Image result for sri lanka navySri Lanka Navy personal have arrested two fishermen over fishing illegally in sea coast of Mulathivu using high powered explosives with a stock of 25 "water gel " explosive sticks  .

Navy have later handed over the suspects and the stock of explosive sticks to Mulathivu Police for future course of action.


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Government Surveyors To Launch Two Day Island Wide Sick Note Campaign From Tomorrow

Government Surveyors are due to launch a two day Island Wide Sick note campaign  on tomorrow(11) and the day after(12) demanding solutions for  eight of  their service demands .
Image result for sick note campaign 
If the authorities have not provided the solutions for the demands Government Surveyors have decided to launch an Island Wide Continuous Strike from 13th of July according to the Government Surveyors Union.

Western Provincial Chief Minister Instructed To Impose 2% Tax On Abandoned Lands In Western Province

Image result for abandoned lands in colombo
The Chief Minister of Western Province Isura Devapriya has instructed the Local Government bodies to impose a 2% maximum tax with effect from today (10) on  abandoned lands in Western Province due to the current Dengue Epidemic in the country.

Accordingly 2% tax will be imposed on abandoned lands based on the value of the Lands Chief Minister has stated.

It has been raveled that the abandoned lands in Western Province especially in Colombo City are cradles of Dengue Mosquito Breeding Places.

A Doctor Arrested Over Accepting Bribes From Private Labs Was Remanded

Image result for remanded
Colombo Chief Magistrate has today(10) remanded the suspected Physician in Kuliyapitiya Base Hospital who had been arrested recently  over accepting bribes from Private Laboratories to send Government Hospital patients for Lab Tests  ,until 24th of July .

The suspected Doctor had taken around Rs.20,000 to 30,000 bribe each from  Private Laboratories to send Hospital patients for Lab tests it has been revealed.

A Van Driver Was Killed And A Bhikku Was Injured Due To An Accident In Southern Expressway

Image result for =accident
A Van driver was killed and a Buddhist Monk was injured and hospitalized after the Van they were traveling in colliding with a security fence in the Southern Expressway in the wee hours of this morning(10).

The injured Buddhist Monk had been admitted to the Nagoda Hospital for treatment.

The Van which was traveling from Kadawatha to Godagama colliding with the security fence of the Expressway after the 21 year old driver fallen to a sleep it has been revealed.

The driver has been identified as a resident of Pitigala area.

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