Tuesday, March 27, 2018

NATO Expels Russian Diplomats


Major General Dampath Fernando Has Been Appointed As New Chief Of Staff In Army

Major General Dampath Fernando has been appointed as the new chief of staff in Sri Lanka Army with effect from today(27).

He was joined the Sri Lanka Army 34 years ago and held many positions including the commander of Kotalawala Defense Acadamy.

Cabinet Had Abolished The Economic Management Committee Chaired By Prime Minister

Cabinet has today (27)abolished the
Economic Management committee chaired by Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe.

President Maithripala Sirisena had submitted two Cabinet previously suggesting to abolish the Committee by citing the Committee is useless one

After abolishing the Committee ,President has stated that the things related to country's economy can be discussed during Cabinet meetings it has been reported.

A person.Was Killed Due To A Gun Shooting In Maligawatte

A 25 year old person was killed due to a

gun shooting incident in Maligawatte area few hours ago.

The person who believes to be a brother in law of a late underworld gang member was shot on his head by an unidentified gunman while travelling with another person in a Three Wheeler it has been revealed.

The other person in.the Three wheeler was injured due to the incident.


Governing UNP Has Decided To Ban It'S MP's From Going Abroad During 02-06 th Of April

Governing United National Party(UNP)
has decided to ban it's MP's from going abroad during the period 02 -06 th of April due to the no confidence motion submitted against Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe scheduled to be taken up for debate in parliament  on 04 th of April.

All the United National Party MP's who are going abroad these days are being informed to be returned to Sri Lanka by 01st of April  ,UNP MP Ashu Marasinghe has stated.


Twelve Students Were Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Wasp Attack

Twelve students attached to the Suchi National School
in Hambanthota have been injured and hospitalized due to a wasp attack this noon (27).

 The injured were admitted to the Hambanthota Base Hospital for treatment and few of them were discharged from the hospital after treatment .

The condition of those still in the hospital is not serious it has been revealed.

Government Has Cancelled The Holiday Falls On 01st Of May This Year

Government has cancelled the public ,bank and
mercantile holiday scheduled on 01st of May this year due to the declaration of 07th of May as a day to commemorate International Workers Day known as May day.

Government has decided to commemorate International May day on 07th of May due to the Wesak week begins on 29th of April.


From Skimmed Milk To Low Calorie Sweetner :Why These healthy Alternatives Are Not Better For People

Former Sri Lankan Ambassador To Russia Udayanga Weerathunge Was Arrested At Dubai Airport?

A wanted man ,Former Sri Lankan Ambassador to
Russia Udayanga Weerathunge has been reported as arrested at the Dubai International Airport this morning (27) as per an arrest warrant issued to arrest him by the Colombo Fort Magistrate according to sources.

Colombo Fort Magistrate Lanka Jayaratne has issued an arrest warrant to arrest Udayanga Weerathunge who was charged over got an illegal commissions during purchasing of Mig Aircrafts from Russia during the war period here.

Colombo Fort Magistrate has issued an order to ban the passport of Weerathunge who are continuously avoiding appear before the court ,on 30th of June last year.

Dubai Police had recently arrested him at the Dubai International Airport while attempting to fly to America however he was released after questioning it has been reported.

Meanwhile Inspector General Of Police Pujitha Jayasundare has stated that he still not yet been received any official conformation  regarding the arrest of Udayanga Weerathunge.

Cabinet Decided To Appoint An Expert Committee To Decide On Glyphosate Ban

Cabinet has decided to appoint an Expert Committee

representing Health,Agriculture and Plantation sectors to decide on Glyphosate Fertilizer ban according to the Agriculture Minister Duminda Dassanayake.

Ministers Dr.Rajitha Senaratne,Duminda Dissanayake ,Navin Dassanayake and MP Athuraliye Rathanasara Thero were appointed as an observers to the Committee.

Importation of Glyphosate contain Fertilizer has banned in Sri Lanka due to it's link to spreading of Kidney disease in the country .

However in several occassions recently police have arrested persons who had illegally smuggled the Glyphosate Fertilizer in to the country.

International May Day To Commemorate In Sri Lanka On 07th Of May This Year Due To Wesak

Government has decided to commemorate the
International May day which falls on 01st of May on 07th of May this year due to the Wesak week begins from 29th of April according to the President Maithripala Sirisena.

This decision has been taken as per the requests made by Buddhist clergy due to the prestegious Wesak festival of the Buddhists which commemorate the birth ,enlightment and parinirvanaya (Demise) of the Lord  Buddha.

Government has declared 07th of May as a State and Mercantile holiday due to the new May day and requested all the Political Parties and Organizations to organize May day progrmmes and rallies on the new date.

Virus Deadlier Then Corona Spreading In Kazakhstan -Chinese Embassy Claims

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