Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Two Fetuses Aborted Daily In Sri Lanka Per 3 Infants Born

Two fetuses are aborted  daily for  three infants  born daily in Sri Lanka according to researchers.around 650-750 abortions are taking palce daily in Sri Lanka and majority of these are catagorized as illegal ones.

According to Dr.Chitramalee De Silva the deputy director of Family Health Bureau in Sri Lanka there is a growing demand among married couples who are having two children  on aborting unwanted preganancies.the reasons they are given for this situation are economic difficulties,having completed family and their last child is very small she has abortion is illegal in Sri Lanka lots of maried women who are having unwanted pregnancies turn to illegal abortion centers to terminate their fetus she said.

Meanwhile the marraiges among teanagers  are in increase and this too caused an increase of both unwanted pregnancies and abortions it has been revealed.muslim girls who are known as getting married at the ages of 15 and 16 are contributed to this heavily Dr.Mrs.Silva has said.out of the total number of marraiges taking place in Sri Lanka annualy 6.5 % are teanage marraiges it has been revealed.

These facts were revealed during a media conference held today (05) at Sri Lanka Family Planning Association Auditorium in Colombo on "√únsafe Abortions"

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